Hampden Secondary Modern School

Recollections needed

By David Reidy

David Reidy is writing a history of the former Hampden Secondary Modern School [1950-67]. He would be interested to hear from anyone with recollections, photographs, documents [drama, sports and prizegiving programmes,etc]etc. All assistance will be acknowledged.

David can be contacted at davidreidy61@aol.com 0208 668 2991. 

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  • My name is Keith Brooks. LINDA Hawkins might remember me? We dated on a number of occasions.
    I did the 100 mile hike from Swanage to Salcombe, anybody remember that?

    By Keith Michael Brooks (05/07/2018)
  • Wasn’t the dress shop called Gilmores? 

    Linda Warne (Hawkins)

    By Linda Warne (28/08/2016)
  •  Thanks Linda, but Gilmores was the men’s shop on the other corner.

    Still trying to remember the name of the ladies dress shop.  It will come eventually – I hope!

    By Susan Waller (28/08/2016)
  • Yes David, Giles was the Electrical Shop opposite.  The name of the dress shop escapes me at the moment.

    By Susan Waller (05/08/2016)
  • I remember having a Tony Curtis haircut on the small parade of shops at Carpenders Park station,with small fiat Black and White taxi’s. 

    My mum worked in the Maypole.Bob Monkhouse opened a dress shop I think it was Giles or was that the Electrical shop opposite?

    By David Greenland (04/08/2016)
  • I was at Hampden and Clarendon school I left 1974. I remember the history teacher Mr Crates and remember doing cross country running at Hampden School on our sports days. i have lived on the estate since 1958 and i’m still in the same house. I took it over when my parents passed away.

    By Alan Roberts (24/05/2016)
  • Funny how we remember things differently. I recall Mr Gower as being a quiet, pleasant man. I believe he married another teacher at Hampden.

    By Alan O'kelly (16/07/2015)
  • Just to let you know, Annette, Susan and Linda have contacted each other and have had two lunches together, it is like we have never been apart and we live within 20miles of each other. Linda Warne nee Hawkins M9.

    By Linda Warne nee Hawkins (01/03/2015)
  • A friend of mine showed me a paper clipping from the Daily Mail sent in by a Annette Sant(nee Tumber) who I understand lives in Towcester, looking for her old school mates Susan Jackson and Linda Hawkins who went to Hampden(I didn’t as I was a Clarendon Clever). I remember Susan Jackson who lived in Bramshaw Gardens. I lived at no 37 from Dec 1948 until I married in 1970. The paper article was written by a Marion Porter (no relation). I have no further info but would suggest anyone interested contact the paper who got the info from Searching for a memory operated by Gill and John Whitley.

    By Eddie Porter (14/02/2015)
  • Dear David

    Yes, some very nice memories Mr Westerway was head when I was at the school I still have his comments on my reports… Mr Wilson a stern maths teacher.Gower was a woodwork teacher I recall. What happened to the horses? If poss I would like a copy of all your history papers if poss. David Greenland class 4C

    By David Greenland (03/08/2014)