Gardening Lessons

at Hampden School

By Watford Observer

© Watford Observer 1962

This photo shows five boys digging, hoeing and turning the soil at Hampden school, accompanied by a man who might be their teacher or a local volunteer. It dates from July 1962.

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  • Re: Gardening lessons I wrote a comment about this page, but omitted to mention that my experience took place in 1965. The headmaster was Mr Westerway at the time.

    By Steve Blundell (03/09/2012)
  • Re: Hampden school gardening. The picture shows a pensioner’s bungalow back garden. The headmaster of Hampden school used to ask for volunteers to do gardening for pensioners. My friend John Waterhouse and myself used to do this for an elderly lady in Prestwick Road. She used to give us orange juice and turn a blind eye on us smoking rollups while gardening. She was a sweet old lady.

    By Steve Blundell (29/08/2012)