School Play - Hampden Secondary Modern School 1961

A Midsummer Night's Dream

By Watford Observer

The ensemble pose for the Watford Observer
© Watford Observer 1962

This photo shows the female cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at HampdenSchool in Little Oxhey Lane, South Oxhey.  The names of five or six of the girls are known:-

Second from left: Joan Trueman, with her sister next to her (probably on her right).

In centre, underneath girl bending forward: Susan Sanders née Ashpole; with Nancy Fuller to her right.

Far right hand side: Rita Carter, next to Ann Newall.

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  • I went to Hampden School from 1961 to 1966. I remember being in the play A Midsummer Nights Dream. I think I am in this photo at the back in the darker costume. I mostly enjoyed school and remember those times as happy.
    My grand children went to Oxhey Wood school but now they are in Bushey. I remember many faces from my school days but not all of the names.
    I went on a camping holiday organised by Mr Wray, our science teacher, about 10 of us walked and camped in Dorset. I still keep in touch with my friend Karen who lives in Canada.

    By Jill Cooke nee Rogers (18/07/2022)
  • Rather surprised by the negative comments about Mr Roff. I thought he was a brilliant teacher and inspired disciplinarian. He came from a military background flying spitfires and, during the last months of the war, he flew the first jet (the Meteor). He treated us well and fairly if we behaved but came down hard if we fooled around. He was a Squadron Leader very well versed in management. He would certainly give a tongue lashing when warranted but he controlled the class and that is the prime requisite before any learning takes place. He certainly made a huge difference in my life: I learnt that the world is rational and understandable; that thinking rather than rote learning is preferable; Roff also taught us that rules can sometimes be broken when appropriate. RIP Mr Roff.

    By Peter Zimmermann. (Zinn) (14/02/2020)
  • I remember acting in Midsummer Night’s Dream at Hampden school but the Watford Observer got my name wrong it was Tromans not Truman. I still live in South Oxhey and would not want to live anywhere else. I remember Nancy Fuller as we were friends although we did have a fight once after school. I did not enjoy school as I was picked on a lot, I was glad when I left at 15 in 1965.

    By Joan Allen nee Tromans (24/09/2018)
  • Girl in photo is my sister Joan Tromans. She still lives on the estate. I left in 1967 and worked in the post office. Now retired and living in Dorset. Would love to find out what happened to Christine Holloway. Hazel Stone. Was Tromans.

    By Hazel Stone (23/09/2018)
  • My family moved to Sth Oxhey in 1948, lived in Fulford Grove, later in Birkdale Gardens, I went to Warren Dell Infants &
    Junior School then on to Hampden 1954 to 58, I have an autograph book with all the names of the teachers who were there,I lived on the estate for 22 yrs. my father received an MBE for his services to the estate, we were involved with most of the community facilities on the estate, I now live on the Isle of Man. I have been back to the estate a couple of times to show my children where I grew up,

    By Brian Bedford, (09/03/2018)
  • I was at Hampden School from 1958 till 1961 can does anyone know why it was demolished?
    My name was Jacqueline Dell. I now live in France

    Answer to query
    (Hampden School later became Sir James Altham School. This was closed due to falling numbers of children on the estate and demolished to make way for housing).

    By J.Cowling (30/07/2017)
  • I went to Hampden School and was in Midsummers Nights Dream what a blast from the past I can’t make myself out in the picture bit to small to see I remember Nancy Fuller.

    By maureen bramley (20/06/2017)
  • In the photo above is a girl,who’s name is Rita Carter I remember I used to play with her and her brother Raymond, I lived in Kilmarnock Road  he lived in Prestwick Road so we made a hole in our garden fence so we did not have to walk to our house ‘s, happy days, these sites have brought so many good memories

    By Colin Butt (12/11/2015)
  • I went to Hampden school,left 1960. I remember Miss Rook,   Mr Ray, Mr Wilson, Mr Gower, Mr Snow nick name in my class Sputnic Bonce, Mr West away, reading this site and other sites about Oxhey,bring great memory’,s 

    Colin Butt

    By Colin Butt (01/11/2015)
  • I was also in Hampden School. The names of the Teachers bring lots of memorys back. Would love to know where all the People are who was in my class.

    By Yvette Reid (28/10/2015)
  • I think his name was Roffe and to be honest he was just a bully. But on the other end of the scale was Mr. Measday who I believe had worked in engineering before he became a maths teacher. Lovely guy.Then there was Mr. Trow who was my fifth form teacher; I have very fond memories of him, too. Like everywhere some teachers good, some rotten.

    By Alan O'kelly (16/07/2015)
  • So nice to read Denise Dowsett’s comments as we were in the same year at Hampden and have never seen each other since we left in 1965.  I kept in touch with Mrs. Salter until she died about 5 years ago.  I remember many of the teachers at the school – Mr. Measday, Wilson, Wilkinson, Trou, Wray, Young etc etc.  Happy times.  I now live in Canada.  So far away and yet I visited the school many times before it was demolished.

    By Karen Mikhail nee Shave (02/06/2015)
  • I so remember the school. I was there too ’til 1965.   Mr Westaway head teacher and Mrs Salter.  Mr Chapman comes to mind, the english lit teacher.  He asked me to be Puck in the Midsomers Night Dream production but declined.  Too shy!   My brothers, Brynley, who now lives in Cornwall, and my middle brother, Lesley, in Australia, remember Mr Young, Mr Wroth, and others.   My younger brother Gerald, went to James Altham, when Clarendon and Hamden were amalgamated.   Great times.   

    By Denise Rees nee Dowsett (16/03/2015)
  • Oh, the dreaded double maths lesson with sadistic Mr Roth – the terror he inflicted into those, like me, who were absolutely useless at maths!  Still remember over fifty years ago!  Don’t think I learnt a thing in his lessons kas I was so scared of him and his threatening ruler!  Mr Wilson was the most brilliant English teacher, I loved his lessons and learnt so much.  Mr Ogborne the art teacher was inspiring and encouraging.  Mrs Norman, who 

    taught the younger pupils, was wonderful and one of the few teachers who could control the class

    By Kathleen Bennett (Nee Fawkes) (21/01/2015)
  • I went to Hampden from 1951 to 1956 I remember Mr Wrath – ” books out numbers 1 to 10″ !!!!!.,

    By Valerie Jackson (23/03/2014)
  • I went to Hampden school from 1958 to 1962. Mr young was my form teacher in the second year and Mr wray was my form teacher in my last year. We had a maths teacher in the second year and beyond who we were all terrified of I think his name was wrath. I still have a school prize book that I received when I left school. It is a cookery book and still has the label from the school in it.TASL

    By Linda warne nee Hawkins (24/07/2013)
  • Lived on South Oxhey all of my until I got married and moved to Swindon Wiltshire. I went to Warren Dell Infants & Juniors School. The teachers I remember are Miss Chalk. Mrs Bixby. Mr Morris Mrs Marsh (I hated her) Miss Hollyoak (She was my form teacher) Mr Neil The Head Master. I then went to Hampden Secondary Modern in Little Oxhey Lane. Mr Westerway & Mrs Salter were Head Master & Head Mistress. Mr Ray. Mr Wilson (One of my form teachers) Mr Young the mad Science teacher. Mr Gower the woodwork teacher. Mr Tindale the Metalwork teacher who taught me to weld, which put me on my Engineering career. I met my Wife at the Trade Union Hall at Watford Junction, at a Who concert there in 1964. My Mother & Brother in law both still live on South Oxhey. And we come back at least once a month. Great Happy Memories of the place.

    By David Nixon (03/09/2012)
  • Moved to Oxhey Drive in 1948.Remember lots of the estate ~ good memories, My Warren Dell teacher ~ Miss Altham, and Head Mr Westerway at Hampden SM. Short back and sides at Davises, Peters was better near Carpenders pk station. Bob Monkhouse opened Giles Dress shop opp the Pheasant  pub…This page is not big enough for so many wonderful memories…David Greenland

    By David Greenland (14/11/2011)