Sunday School at Hampden School

Little Oxhey Lane

By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

During the early years of the estate before we were of school age, my mother started looking for a ‘Sunday School’ for my sister and I as there were no local churches, apart from ‘Oxhey Chapel’ which was originally part of the ‘Blackwell Estate’.  She came home one day and told my father that she had found a Church Hall, that should have a Sunday School for young children, the place was called ‘ Matthew Hall’.  My father laughed and he never allowed my mother to forget that ‘Matthew Hall’ was the name of the builders that were working of the building of the estate and that was their main office in the area.

She did however manage to find us a ‘Sunday School’ when one was opened by a church in Watford at ‘Hampden School’ in  ‘Little Oxhey Lane’.  Mr Lambden and his friends from his church served the children of that area of South Oxhey faithfully for many years and ran many interesting activities for them.  The ‘Harvest Festivals’ held in the school hall were really a wonder to young children and even today I cannot see ‘Michaelmas Daisy’s’ without thinking of Sunday School with its little mobile organ and the children singing chorus’s and the texts we were given for good attendance.

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  • That was funny about your mum. I too went to the sunday school at Hampden school, I was only little but we must have been there together. I went on to attend Little Furze, Oxhey Woods Junior school and then Clarendon. So sad that it was knocked down, after all those donations I made from my pocket money for a swimming pool!

    By Pam Gray (17/05/2011)