Little Furze School

Photographs taken before part of the building was demolished.

Photographs courtesy of Len Kerswill

Rear view of Little Furze School - Gosforth Lane
Rear view of Little Furze School - Gosforth Lane
Rear view of Little Furze School - Gosforth Lane
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  • I arrived at Little Furze in 1955 from Notting Hill Gate and stayed until 1958. I then moved onto Clarendon S.M. school. I remember Mr Curling the Headmaster and my favourite teacher Mrs. Brown. I owe her so much. The extra effort she put into me in her own time paid off handsomely. I finished up with an M.A. (Ed) in later years. My 2nd career, ironically, as a teacher!

    By Alan Walsh (13/04/2020)
  • I went to what I thought was Little Firs. Is this the same. I was 5 also in 1951. Went until 1954/5. Moved to the new Oxhey Estate in 1949/50. Loved it played for hours over the golf course and the dell area.

    By keith bradbrook (23/04/2017)
  • No Barbara your memory is quite correct but maybe it was a bull?I recall having nightmares about being eaten by the same bull! You & I must have been in the same class. Do you recall Marion Poonam?
    Val Pond

    By Val Pond (15/04/2017)
  • My main memory of Little Furze, is the big brown model cow in the entrance way,someone please tell me I am not imagining this ? If children started school at five years of age, I was there in 1951_till ? then on to Clarendon Secondary modern, happy years.

    By Barbara Birch (04/07/2014)