Embling Hall plaque

Clitheroe Club 2012

By Beverley Small

Embling Hall plaque
by Beverley Small

The plaque naming the ‘Embling Hall’ at the Clitheroe Club was  errected in the memory of James H Embling OBE.  Mr Embling was the first Headteacher of Oxhey Wood School in Oxhey Drive and was at the school for approximatley 30 years.  He was awarded the OBE in 1972 for services to Education. http://www.oxheywood.herts.sch.uk/

Mr Embling was also greatly involved with the older generation on the estate. He was a founder member of the Management Committee  at the Clitheroe Club and for many years was the Chairman.  The plaque was errected in his memory, for his tireless work and committment that enabled the extension to the club to be built.

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  • Mr Embling was a marvellous head. He also taught my sister as she was one of the first pupils to attend Oxhey Wood school . I went there in between 64-70
    I remember he was originally from Canada and he would walk from the train station to school with a battered brown briefcase. We were all a bit terrified of him- he had a gruff voice – probably caused by smoking too many cigarettes. But he commanded great respect from his pupils.

    Additional Information
    James Henry Embling was born in Littledean, Gloucestershire 7th May 1912 and died in Watford 21st December 1992. In 1972 he was awarded the OBE for his service to Education. Mr Embling retired from Oxhey Wood School in approx 1977 having been Headmaster since the opening of the school in 1951.

    By Georgina Baker nee Yabsley (26/07/2017)