Oxhey Wood Junior School Staff


By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Oxhey Wood Junior School Staff 1953
Susan Waller

Back Row – Left to Right – Mr Flynn – Mr Silvani – Mr Kemp – Mrs Waddington – ? – ? – ? – Mr Hinchley – Mr Rice – Mr Viccars

Front Row – Left to Right –  ? – Miss Osbourne (Mrs Winters) – Miss Evans – Miss Geary – Mr Embling – Mr Conniam (Sp?)- ? – ?- ?

Can you fill in the question marks?

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  • I attended Oxhey Wood from 1960 until 1965.
    I remember the head Mr Embling, Mr Tambling Jones who ran the football team who always picked me and frightened the life out of me.
    My happiest memories were with Miss I Jones, who was my class teacher. A wonderful lady with a love of music and drama, I have often wondered what happened to her.
    I would love to know if anyone could ” shine a light “

    By Robert Matthews (07/09/2023)
  • Hello Robert
    I was Secretary / Bursar at Oxhey Wood for 31 years and Mr Tambyn Jones
    was the first Headteacher that I worked for. Isobel Jones was quite a ‘Legend’
    at that time and I believe she became a Headteacher in the Watford area when she became
    Isobel Saunders? I will try and find out for you as I am still in touch with Mr Tamblyn
    Jones and others teachers.
    Are you by any chance the brother of Linda Matthews previously living in Muirfield Road,
    Linda and I were in the same class at Oxhey Wood and Clarendon. My name then was Susan Davidson.

    By Susan Waller (11/09/2023)
  • I went to this school (born in 1948) as did my siblings. Our surname is Lake. My few memories are of the Maypole dancing and doing my first cartwheel on the large expanse of playing field (it was large to me). I remember my movement through the classes – beginning in a room on the far left and moving every year towards the right. I also have an abiding memory of being hit hard on the hand with a ruler by a teacher Mr B. I was very upset by it. Happy days!

    By Sue Lake (21/07/2018)
  • I remember all the teachers in the photo brought back lot of great memories.

    By Barrie green (16/07/2017)
  • I remember all the staff in this picture and most of the contributors to this page.  The corporal punishment was more a matter of shaming than pain, though nevertheless not to be condoned. Nevertheless, I do remember feeling very safe and protected by staff at school.  The woman second from the right in the front row was the very talented music teacher, Miss Rothman, who was responsible for the annual musical. 

    By Ruth Delvin (Reader) (21/09/2015)
  • I attended Oxhey Wood between 1954-1960. One of my most vivid memories was a teacher called Mr Slater, I was in his class, 2S. He used to hit you on the back of your leg with a ruler, I think that’s why it’s so vivid in my memory as it hurt a lot and was probably very traumatic for a young child. Wouldn’t get away with it now, thank god. I’m all for giving children a gentle tap, but rulers on the back of your leg! I also remember sitting the 11+. I was a really nervous child so I had no chance of passing it. To prove my worth I completed a degree in Geosciences with the OU in 2009 and got a 2:1, now in the final year of my masters degree. All a bit late to be of any use, but I had to prove to myself I had it in me. John

    By John motch (19/04/2013)
  • I attended Oxhey Wood Junior in 1962. I remember standing outside Mr Emblings office waiting for a telling off for something I now regretted doing. He scared the life out of me and made me cry, but luckily I never got the slipper or the cane…….Those were the days

    By diana williamson (nee whyman) (15/08/2012)
  • I can still remember the names of Mr Silvani, Mr Viccars and Mr Embling, but can’t remember any of the faces in the picture. I lived in one of the terraced houses in the corner of the school area, in Northwick Road. Born in November 1943, I was at this school until I passed my 11+.

    By Alan Morris (18/12/2011)
  • First attended Oxhey Wood 1948. Mr Viccars and Mr Silvani were 2 of my teachers. Played football for the school, my mum washed all the kit and made sarnies for the boys.  Mr Embling was headmaster. I later returned to the school in 1975 with 3 children of my own and he was still there, so was Sue Waller who was School Secretary. My wife and I helped with the PTA at that time.

    Sid Searle

    By Sid Searle (06/01/2011)