First Day at Warren Dell Infant School

Carried in Kicking and Screaming

By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Schools were gradually being built on the Estate, the first being Warren Dell School.  Older children went into Watford to Central Primary, my brother went to Victoria Boys School.

I started school at Warren Dell Infant School (now Colnbrook School) and can remember vividly having to be carried into the school kicking and screaming. The only memory I have of the classroom is sitting and drawing around wooden animal shapes (these can still be purchased today and always remind me of those early days) and playing with salt dough which the teacher had made and coloured.

When the school was to be formally opened my mother was spoken to by the head teacher and I was told I was to present a bunch of flowers to the lady who was to open the school. I can remember being dressed up for the occasion but when the time came I am told that I refused to give her the flowers.

I remained at Warren Dell until Oxhey Wood School was completed and then transferred there.

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  • I attended Warren Dell in 1957. I remember Joan Lawford, Ann Gum Jill foster, Ernest Rogers. We were given by Mr. Allen, a tune with those names. I remember to this day. My best friend was Jackie Hunt. Other names are Hazel Bell.Mr Southey was head. Mr.Allen was music teacher. We were allowed to bring our skates on Friday. Happy 😃 memories.oh I must mention Martin Streeter who broke my violin . Hope you are well everyone.

    By Liz Dodd (26/05/2020)
  • I went to Warren Dell starting in 1960. The headmaster was Mr Southey and my first teacher was Mrs Hancock. It was such a lovely school I can remember the big playing field and the smaller one at the back. I stayed at the school until I was eleven when I left to go to Bushey Grammar School. I have so many memories of this great little school and the brilliant teachers.

    By Jane Tucker nee Dix (12/07/2013)
  • I went to Warren Dell School when it first opened. We went one week in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I was there until I went on to Hampden Secondary Modern. I remember Mr Warburton and Miss Packer.

    By Valerie Jackson (22/10/2011)