Warren Dell school staff


By Sue Green

Warren Dell Staff

1940/50’s staff at Warren Dell School, South Oxhey.

Can you recognise anyone in the picture?

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  • Frank must have been a close contemporary of mine (?Collyer) as I too was taught by Miss Tipping Miss Butcher (kept in contact with her for some years after whe went to Canada) and then Mrs Horton. Mr Neal also caned me twice. Once on the hand and once on the back of the thigh leaving some welts. Never changed my behaviour though.

    By Cavan McDonald (02/10/2022)
  • I was at Warrendell from 1948. Mr. Weatherburn was our teacher (he’s second in, back row, right ) Mr. Arrighi (2nd left back rows. made us a papier mache map of Britain and there was Mrs Packer; she taught us how to weave and I think she may have been our netball teacher. I was First Aid monitor! I remember Judy Butt, Alan Seymour, Tommy Bedford (he had a twin sister) and there were two Barbara Browns.
    By Marie 05/01/21

    By Marie (Abnett) (05/01/2021)
  • I can only go back to 1954/57 but my first teacher was a Miss Tipping and my second was Miss Butcher. The Headmaster was Mr. Neal, who caned me twice, reason forgotten, it wasn’t on the behind though it was on the hand but let me tell you it still hurt!.

    By Frank (19/03/2018)
  • I started at Warren Dell School in 1949.  I had missed a year’s school as there were no schools on the estate when we arrived in 1948.  My class teacher was Miss Fromant.  I think she is second from the left in the photo.  Immediately behind her is Mr P Regan.  Miss or Mrs Holyoak is to the right of the Headmaster, Mr Warburton,in the photo.  I also remember Mrs Delanney.  I am not sure if she is in the picture though she may be one of the two ladies second and third from the right.  She was connected in some way to the Delanney coach company which was based in Bushey and Oxhey.

    I have looked at the class photographs which appear elsewhere but have not been able to recognise anyone so far.  My only claim to fame at the school was to break my arm whilst playing football!  I left in 1952


    By Ian Shave (07/10/2015)
  • Mr McDonald back left, he later married Miss Sobell seated in front of him; head C C Warburton centre with Miss Holyoake to his left. Chap with the handlebar taught just down the steps at the back of the building, lovely man, name may come back to me, but do not hold your breath.

    By Tony Roberts (07/06/2013)
  • Sometime early 50’s the only teacher I remember was Mrs Taylor maybe first left, 3rd from left or far right ??

    By Sid Latimer (12/02/2012)
  • I remember that at Christmas in the mid fifties, after the pupils had watched the latest Norman Wisdom film , the doors to the hall would be shut and the staff would have a dance ( I am not making this up…) looking at the staff photo, and if you leave out the Head, things must have gone with a swing.

    By barry (24/01/2011)