Fish and chips

The chip shop in Villiers Road

By Beverley Small

We used to have fish and chips on a Thursday night.  That was the night my Mum used to do the shopping and so instead of cooking, we had a take away.  She used to go to the fish and chip shop in Villiers Road, because her and my Dad thought they were the best in the area.  The fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper then.

I can’t remember what the shop was called, can anyone else?


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  • My Nan and grandad lived next door to the fish and chip shop in Villiers rd , and I used to go and stay with them, the little girl who lived in the chip shop used to come round and ask me to play with her, it was in about 1965 ,my Nan and grandad were called Ernest and Nellie Sears, I drove past there today brought back old memories.

    By Cas (05/11/2020)
  • I used to work at Oxhey Fisheries from 1979-1982 after school and then college out the back peeling the potatoes using the rumbler and good old hand peeler. It was owned by Joe and Mary and then taken over by Mike and Celia. Lot of good memories and was the best F&C in Herts. Maybe the UK? Blooming cold in winter tho’

    By Gareth Morgan (14/12/2019)
  • My Uncle owned and ran Oxhey Fisheries, The range was coke fired and the Fish & Chips were the best around. My aunt lived above the Chip Shop and used to buy me a fish supper most weeks.They also sold wet fish in the mornings.

    By David McGing (05/10/2018)
  • I lived and was born at no 98 Villers road . My Dad was Stan Bunker well known for looking after the elderly people in our community.

    By Debbie (23/03/2014)
  • My Sister Kathy used to play on the steps of the fish shop Kate do you remember us because I don’t know your surname would love to talk to you Thanks Gordon.

    By Gordon Sweeting (29/01/2014)
  • I used to live next door to the fish shop and was friends with the owners daughter Pamela.

    By Gordon Sweeting (21/01/2014)
  • Kate Evans Mentions that her Father had the fish and chip shop in Villiers Road, and it was called ‘Oxhey Fisheries’ I can remember stopping to purchase three pennyworth of chips, with my mates when out cycling, at this shop. We often wondered if the two men dressed in white coats who cooked and served, were Brothers ?

    By Arthur Hall (10/05/2013)
  • I remember all those shops, I lived in lower Paddock Road and used to cut through Avenue Terrace to Villiers Road to fetch fish and chips. There was also a sweet shop where the angling shop is now, I think it was called Bentons. Happy days!

    By Peter (27/08/2012)
  • Also recall a shop near Table Hall in Pinner Road and Sheila’s Pantry opposite the Watford Heath end of Villiers Road. Palmers and Browns greengrocers, 2 butchers shops, The Handy Stores & a pet shop in Capel Road.

    By Peter (27/08/2012)
  • I remember the fish & chips. Next to Horwood’s the Grocers. (of course ‘another’ Sweet shop’ for us kids). Along with Bardens, and Challoners nearby. (late 1960-mid 70s) Vivid memories of Ms Horwood. A petite spinster, Always appeared as a misery. Hated kids in her shop! Her shop alway had a unique smell. Pleasant but not like any other. Long since Tesco’ed out of existance. Shops like hers don’t exist today.

    By Martin Cooper (30/07/2011)
  • My father had the fish shop in Villiers Road from 1934 till 1969. It used to be called Oxhey Fisheries.

    By Kate Evans (24/06/2011)