St Andrews Road Shops

June 2009

By Nigel Cox

St Andrew's Road
Copyright Nigel Cox and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
St Andrew's Road before it was closed to traffic c 1960's

St Andrew’s Road is a wide pedestrian precinct containing the main shops in South Oxhey. In June 2009, the occupiers were, left to right, Jacksons, JHD ( Gents Hairdressers), the Gold Centre, Wimpy, Cheapjacks, Taylor Convenience Store, the late lamented Woolworths, and Homecraft. This image has been used courtesy of the website Geographs

An Earlier View Of St Andrew’s Road

This photograph was taken when  St Andrew’s Road was a through road open to traffic.


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  • Thank you Susan. You don’t happen to know Harry’s surname, do you?

    By Sandra Sloman (26/08/2021)
  • Sorry Sandra I don’t think I ever knew it, he was always just ‘Harry’ to
    everyone. Very nice man, I was working just around the corner at ‘Boots The
    Chemist’ at the time. Then I married and bought many things from his shop.
    I can see him and his wife very clearly but do not know of any photographs
    of them.

    By Susan Waller (26/08/2021)
  • Following on from my previous post. Does anyone know if any Jewish families had the drapers or ‘wool shops’ in 1960?

    By Sandra Sloman (20/08/2021)
  • The shop I mentioned “Super Linens” was run by Harry and his wife who I believe
    were Jewish. Many years later he took over the Dry Cleaners facing onto
    Prestwick Road.

    By Susan Waller (25/08/2021)
  • Hi

    Could anyone tell me if there was a drapers shop in South Oxhey in the 1960s. It may have been there before the Oxfam shop?

    Many thanks

    By Sandra Sloman (16/08/2021)
  • Hello Sandra

    Yes, at various times there were two what we called ‘Wool Shops’
    and a shop called ‘Super Linens‘ which sold curtain nets and curtain fabric,
    bed and table linen. ‘Super Linens’ was a few shops along from what
    became the ‘Oxfam Shop’. The two ‘Wool Shops’ were on the other block of

    By Susan Waller (20/08/2021)
  • Hi, could someone help. I was born in 1951 at 53 Blairhead Drive, where I lived with my mum and dad and older brother David, my younger sister born 1952. We moved to Hayling Road early 1960s. With Easter coming we were reminiscing about dad going down to buy hot cross buns baked on site from the bakers which was along the Sainsbury side of St Andrews Road shops. Does anyone remember what the bakers was called?
    Remember my time living in South Oxhey with great affection.
    Thanks for any help

    By Christine Dean (30/03/2021)
  • Hello Christine

    In answer to your question:-
    The ABC was next to the record shop “Melody Corner” then the wet Fish Shop
    which was next to “Sainsbury” Further up on the same side was “Pinner Green Bakeries”.

    By Susan Waller (02/04/2021)
  • The JHD has a name and is a gents
    hairdresser! And a very good one at that. Maybe do some research before you comment, just saying!!

    By Mick Ward (23/09/2018)
  • Many thanks for pointing out the error, now corrected.

    By Susan Waller (27/09/2018)