South Oxhey

Aerial views of parts of South Oxhey - Can you find your home?

By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Aerial View 1953 showing Oxhey Wood School area - Prestwick Road - Woodhall Lane areas
Home Counties Newspapers at Watford Library P10714
Aerial view of Clarendon School 1953 and part of surrounding area
West Herts Post - Watford Library P10715

Two aerial views of parts of South Oxhey taken in 1953.

‘Oxhey Place’ can just be seen at the top right handĀ sideĀ of the photograph just to the right of the ‘Nissen Huts’.


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  • I can see the house my parents were first given in 1946-47 (36) and the house they moved to a year or two after which was 28 Muirfield Rd which I was brought up in from 1959. They backed onto the fields that became Clarendon then changed to Sir James Altham which I went to after being at Oxhey Wood, which was just down the hill. I played in the woods often as a child and remember doing bark rubbings and being allowed to take my cassette recorder into the woods to record bird sounds when having the nature class weekly at Oxhey Wood Junior School. We went through from a little gate off the playground.- magical. I can see the little road more or less in front of our house ( Liphook ) that at the bottom had a massive oak tree in the middle and in front of that had/ has the power station that looked like a little house. We as kids used to congregate on those greens either side of the road and play British Bull Dog in the summer and to the side there was a small copse that I’d nick my mums sheets for us to make dens- much to her annoyance.

    By Georgina Baker - nee Yabsley (26/07/2017)
  • In recent weeks, English Heritage have uploaded six images from the Aerofilms Collection, April 1949, of South Oxhey under construction, when the LCC estate was only one-third completed and the population was about 7,000. The website is and members of the public are encouraged to sign up and view the aerial photographs, in addition to making comments. Last August, I created a Watford & District user group and all Oxonians/Oxhavians are welcome! John Swain, South Oxhey resident 1953-65.

    By John Swain (09/01/2014)
  • I lived just off Woodhall Lane, Ganton Walk, it is just off the picture. Ganton Walk is a cul de sac and we had a green area in front of the houses where we kids used to play all day, even in the snow. We also used sit on the fence opposite to get train numbers from the steam trains.

    By Linda Warne nee Hawkins (26/07/2013)
  • Yes I can see the back of my house, 3 Muirfield Road. I can also see Oxhey Wood School which I went to as well as Clarendon (1960-1964). I can also see the small wood next to Oxhey Wood School. That wood was my playground as a kid. There used to be a  fence that would let us over, however I think today it is open to the public. I buried a cache of tresure in the wood when I was 12. I went back about 4 years ago and even though I had vivid memories of where all the trees were it looked so different and I couldnt get my bearings, so I never found my cache. I was 4 when this picture was taken. I can’t believe it was nearly 60 years ago. Those were the days. Cheers, John

    By John motch (19/04/2013)
  • My old home (Muirfield Green) is out of shot in both photographs but I did attend Clarendon School in the late fifties and early sixties. I was six when these were taken they bring back a lot of memories. I moved away in 1968.

    By Paul Wood (05/08/2012)
  • Our house is also shown as we lived in Woodhall Lane – I remember that in 1953 in celebration of the Coronation a street party was held in the lock up garages at the bottom of Woodhall Lane just on the left passed the big old Oak Tree – it was a fancy dress affair and I went as Nell Gwynn with my basket of oranges I was 12 yrs old – they were good days.

    By Josephine Parsons (nee Searle) (15/02/2012)
  • Yes, I can find my old home and school. In the top photo is Oxhey Wood Junior School, just above the small wood. To the left of the school, in the corner is a terrace of houses. I lived in No. 62. The terrace is also seen in the lower picture, to the right. I was aged 10 when the photos were taken.

    By Alan Morris (18/12/2011)