They Lined Up The Kitchen Tables In The Streets

Information provided by David Reidy from The West Herts Post June 11 1953


At the Harewood Road party at Warren Dell School the programme began with tea and was followed by a Charlie Chaplin film show.  Then there were games, Punch and Judy and a talent show by the children.

Later in the evening Brenda Russell aged 15, gave a dancing display.

When they went home the 36 childen were each given a Coronation cup, saucer and plate and other presents.  Altogether £48 was spent on the party.  Organisers were Mrs E Bird, Miss L Peck, and Mrs E White. They had been planning since August.

The parents had decorated the school themselves and when the children arrived each was given a paper hat.


The Oakdale Road party was held at the Community Centre.  Organisers Mrs I B Hensby, Chairman and Mr W Whitmarsh, Secretary of the street committee catered for 66 children from 40 families.  To do this in style they collected and spent £50.

The afternoon began with a fancy dress parade and afterwards there were games led by Mr Fred Collins.  After tea they were  entertained by a ventriloquist and conjurer and later had a sing song. Then they were entertained by three young lads from the Estate – Ken Sexton and his pals. 

To end the party each child was presented with a variety of souvenirs, tit bits and a Coronation beaker.

After the children’s party the parents stayed on for a social evening.


The first part of the Fleetwood Way party was held in the playground at Clarendon School.  There were races and clowning for the children – mostly tots, but some as old as 13 and 14.

Meanwhile, the kitchen tables were being brought out into the street and the mothers busily prepared the tea.  Organisers Mrs Wells and Mr W Maley said there would be community singing followed by a demonstration of dancing by the children.  After tea there was a fancy dress parade and still more community singing.

These children took home their Coronation souvenirs – a mug full of sweets and a mixed bag of presents.

Mr Maley was arranging for a party to visit the Regal Cinema to see the film ” Elizabeth is Queen” this week.


The children from the first part of Muirfield Road had their party in the hall at Clarendon School.  The parents had arranged the decoration and they made a very colourful setting with the festoons forming a canopy over the children down in the hall.

The party began with “God Save the Queen” and three cheers for Queen Elizabeth.  After entertainment the children went upstairs for tea.  There were 110 of them and each found a Coronation cup, saucer and plate on the table and a box under the chair to carry them home in.

The Chairman of the committee which organised the party was Mr F G Nicholls.  He was assisted by Mr Ted Smithson, chief buyer, Mr and Mrs S Peddle, Mrs L Yabsley who arranged the entertainment.  Mrs E M Vidler, in charge of catering and Mrs J Nichols and Mr D Sullivan.


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  • Thanks Jaquie, for bringing back some terrific
    memories ! My dad was Sid Peddle mentioned in your posting. He rousted out the kids for the party ringing on an old handbell while wearing a toy policeman`s helmet, his nose was painted red white & blue for the occasion. At the party there was a sort talent show My sister Jo and her best mate Josie Sowden performed a song and dance routine. Most summer evenings Jo & I would walk off the estate to meet dad from work we`d get almost to Old Redding before we met him. I doubt if parents would allow 8 & 13 year olds out of their sights these days let alone that far.

    By Tony Peddle (03/10/2017)
  • I was only four and this was one of my first memories as a child. I vaguely remember going to a party at my old school and getting a cup and saucer with the coronation pictures on it. However, there have been times when I thought maybe I imagined it. But the above confirms one of my first memories. I wonder if any photographs exist of that party? John

    By John Motch (17/04/2013)
  • Does anybody have any photographs of the Muirfield Road party at Clarendon Schooll in 1953. Thanks, John

    By John Motch (17/04/2013)
  • I lived at 41 Muirfield Road, I only remember the Coronation party being held in our street, as well as the china I also got a cap & apron. The apron was worn with much pride when I was in a school play at Oxhey Wood School, ‘uncle’ Ted Smithson lived opposite & Mr & Mrs Peddle lived next door.

    By Jacquelyn Westwood (16/06/2012)