They Lined Up The Kitchen Tables In The Streets

Information provided by David Reidy from The West Herts Post June 11 1953


They had a tent ready in case it rained at Prestwick Road between numbers 269 and 292, but of course, it was not needed.This children’s party was first planned for Coronation Day, but when the organisers saw Saturday’s sunshine they were quite satisfied they had made it Saturday after all.

The party began with sports on the pavement and followed on with games.  O’Grady was particularly popular.  After tea, prepared by the women of the committee, the children entertained themselves by singing, acting – at least , those who had enough courage to step forward.

The party ended with  sing song amplified by a loudspeaker.

The children took away presents, a mug full of sweets and a balloon.  Organisers of this afternoon’s fun for 40 children were Mr N E Turner, Mrs Dorothy Moore, Mr and Mrs Witham, Mrs E Meredith and Mrs Kirk.


Letchworth Close, Bramley Gardens and Heysham Drive parents combined for their children’s Coronation treat.  To run the party they set up a committee of three – Mrs Joan Olive, Mrs M Fakes and Mrs E Dowsett.

They thought an hours entertainment by a conjurer would be the best thing to occupy the children while they prepared the tea tables.

Afterwards there was sports, community singing and a talent competition.  Dorothy Found aged 14 and her friend Pat Hill aged 13 promised they would sing “Now” and hoped this would give a lead to their shy friends.

After the party parents danced in the street.


Nearby in Heysham Drive the parents of children from Belfairs Green, Ashford Green and Heysham Drive aslo combined to provide a grand party.  The organisers Mr W J Harrision, Mr Robert Keen, and Mr Charles Wordsworth, had been preparing for seven months and spent over £36 on the 74 children.

After tea they had a talent competition and races, with prizes for the winners.  At the end everyone was given a mug full of sweets.  Two 13 year olds girls stepped out to give a double dancing and singing act and Jimmy Harrison was ready with a song.

The two clowns prancing about and making everyone excited were Don Humphries, aged 20 and his brother Bill, aged 27.


Round the corner another street party was in full swing.  It was where Falkirk Gardens and Blackford Road had got together to give a Coronation treat to their 69 children.  To do this Mrs A Harris and her committee, Mrs J Williams, Mrs Pickett, Mrs E Corpe and Mrs H Sawyer, had spent £59.

The party began with “God Save the Qyeen” followed by tea.  Mrs F McGowen made the cakes and iced them, and Mrs H Flannagan made the double tier Coronation cake.

After tea there was a fancy dress competition and entertainment from the lorry, which had been arranged as a stage.  Mr J Harris was MC.  Forming the band were Mr W P Rogers, drums,  Mr Stanley Hanson, Harmonica,  and Mrs C Moorer from Watford on the piano.

Because they were so pleased with the way she had organised the party, the parents collected to buy Mrs Harris a compact.  Mrs P Bayliss made the presentation.


Over 130 children from Little Oxhey Lane and a few from Woodhall Lane had their party at Hampden School.  About a year ago a committee was formed to plan it, and Mrs J Piper and Mrs J Shave were elected leader and secretary.

The first part of the afternoon’s fun was a fancy dress competition.  Here are the winners of the money-box replicas of the Coronation chair that were given as prizes.

Ages two to five:  Diane McDonald and Karen Shave.           

Ages five to ten: Karen Owens and Rosemary McDonald.

Ages 11 to 14: Joan Piper and Carol Ingerfield.

Afterwards they had a “really lovely tea” said Mrs Shave.  It was provided by Mr L W Plenty amd the mothers prepared the tables.  A sing song and entertainment followed and at the end there was another sing song with fireworks on the green.

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