Green Lane 1900 - 1910

What is now the junction of Woodwaye

Green Lane - Oxhey 1900 - 1910
Photograph Courtesy of Watford Library-

This photograph of Green Lane – Oxhey taken in 1900 shows the then very peaceful setting of Green Lane.  The photograph was taken at what is now the junction with Woodwaye.  Many of the trees are still there.

Green Lane remained an ‘unadopted’ road for many years and was full of some very deep potholes.

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  • I believe that this lane continued downwards and then up the hill towards the Lodge on the L.H.side onwards to the Chapel, then left towards the old cattle tunnel going under the railway joining fields which became ‘The St Meryls Estate’ Part of the track from the cattle tunnel to Blackwells House existed when as children we went to look at the searchlights in 1941 which were situated on the corner site near the Chapel. Further information may be available at Bushey or Watford Museum.

    By Arthur Hall (04/03/2012)