St George's Drive

Carpenders Park

By Beverley Small

St George's Drive
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Do you live in St George’s Drive?  How long have you lived there, when did you move in?  Tell us about your house…

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  • My parents and I moved to the bottom end of st Georges drive in 1948 and we lived there until the early 1970s.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of living there; it felt like living in the country – fishing for tadpoles in the stream near the shops/station, wandering over the five fields with my friend Kathleen Clarke, who lived opposite in one of the houses, walking with my father through the woods, prior to when the cemetery was created there and hearing the band playing at Highgate house, picking wild flowers, blackberrying at the top of harrow way, skating on the patch of ice that formed beside the shops, which ended with the ironmongers shop at that time.  The road leading from the station had lots of trees growing up the middle and there was a spinney you could cut through to get to st Georges drive.  There was a redbrick bridge which event over the stream by the shops and a corrugated iron British legion hut, also a wooden hut which housed the

    By Kathleen Bennett (Nee Fawkes) (12/01/2015)
  • St Georges Drive led to the only other exit, into little Oxhey Lane from the St Meryl Estate. To complete the exit you had to turn left and proceed to Oxhey Lane, right turn led you to the cattle bridge that went over the railway past farm cottages, and ended at the boundary of the Blackwell Estate. The other entry & exit was Carpenders Avenue.

    By Arthur Hall (31/03/2011)