Clarendon School - Chilwell Gardens

The Clarendon School Site

By Susan Waller


Photographs of Clarendon School  (later becoming Sir James Altham School ) original buildings.

Photographs of houses, flats and landscaping on the Clarendon School/ Sir James Altham  site in Chilwell Gardens 2013.


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  • I went to Clarendon in 1958 .until 1962
    They were for the most happy times
    Few years ago I helped arrange a reunion of our year group and three other year groups this was just prior to the taking down of the last building the assembly rooms as we called it in its day.
    A couple of ex teachers attended cannot remember their names, but I remember one telling us, that when she was talking about the prospect of teaching at what was a secondary school to what they termed as council kids, like that made us less than anyone else ! that the best they would turn out would be fodder for the factories or shop workers. Rarely some may go onto college but no one to universities, very rarely would the teachers expect us to go any further, well from my experience of myself and many of my ex School kids, we did go further and many can be proud of what they achieved considering the attitude of the teachers then, and I feel the very basic education we were given compared to today education.

    By Kathy Slade (10/02/2021)
  • I went to Sir James Altham. I remember Liz Dodd and Heather Johnson. I also recall Jackie Gatt, Pauline Holmes, Alan Penfold. My name is Jenny Bean (nee Bishop).

    By Jenny Bean (10/03/2019)
  • I worked at Barclay Bank and attended Clarendon. They were brilliant times. Used to go round the Jet in hayling Rd. It’s gone now . I remember Brian Culley and David Friday. My chums were Heather Johnson Nog Carey Jackie Hunt and many more

    By Liz Dervish nee Dodd (18/11/2018)
  • I was at Clarendon Sir James Altham School in the early seventies until I left  school in 1974. A lot of happy memories, I still live on the estate and still have friends from my school days.


    By Alan Roberts (24/05/2016)