South Oxhey Baptist Church - Gosforth Lane

By Susan Waller

Photographs show the original Baptist Church building in Gosforth Lane and the modernised church in 2013.

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  • When I was a kid I went to the Baptist church but I remember it being a tin building with corrugated roof, does anyone else remember I loved going to the church as it was very cosy and we were told lots of lovely bible stories and given a bible
    I remember really well one day with my friend the fence surrounding the ground was down on the floor, so we decided to walk across the fence to short cut, but not realising by stepping on the fence the metal post sprang up and cut my head open. I bled all over my new jacket, and got a telling off when I arrived home for being stupid, I was about 9yrs old

    By Kathy Slade (10/02/2021)