'Tin Houses' 1968 and 2013

Little Oxhey Lane

By Rosemary Bailiss


What were called  the “Tin Houses” – Little Oxhey Lane

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  • I lived in a Tin House in Little Oxhey Lane with my parents John and Joan Shave and siblings Neil and Karen. My father was a member of Oxhey Cricket Club along with Frank Mitchell, whose son Alan has also commented on this site. I remember Charlie Burton. Was there also Alec? Charlie used to come to our house to discuss cricketing matters as Dad was the club secretary.

    I also remember Marion Sharp who lived in Liphook Road. I can’t remember the number. She was a member of All Saints Church and used to help Bob Frewin and Jean Foster run the All Saints Young Peoples Fellowship.

    By Ian Shave (15/02/2021)
  • Concerning Sally Paternoster’s comment on 21 January. 2015. I didn’t live in Heswell Green, but I was a friend of Peter Lyon who lived there, at number 2, I think. As a teenager in about 1958 I went to a party at his house. There was a lot of alcohol. I drank too much and was rather ill. It was a valuable lesson, learned early. I last saw Peter at a restaurant in Nottingham about forty years ago.

    Other friends who lived nearby were Glennis Ash who lived in Embleton Road and Eileen Allen in Fairhaven Crescent.

    By Ian Shave (11/02/2021)
  • I lived in Kirkcaldy Green when they were being built in 1949 I was two years old we played on the building site which is what the estate was for many years as we grew up.
    The house in the green were made of wood and were screeded on the exterior
    We all used to go off for walks to Oxhey Park and the golf course at least eight of us kids, during the school
    ,holidays.my big sister in charge
    I am still friends with two other females from the close.
    One I have known since we were two years old and the other was eight when she moved into the close, we are all now in our seventies.

    By Kathy Slade (10/02/2021)
  • I well remember these houses as we had a good view of them from our living room window situated as we were on Prestwick Road at the bottom of Liphook opposite Little Oxhey Lane.
    Hello to the Burton Family, I don’t know if you remember me, Brenda, I believe us kids played together & you were a friend of my sister Kath. In those days Liphook road terminated at the top of the hill, now I see on Google Earth it has changed markedly.
    Sad to see the demise of Clarendon School but that is just another example of the shortsightedness of politicians and bureaurocrats.

    By Alan Mitchell (28/09/2020)
  • My family moved into Liphook Road, in the year 1948. I was only 2 years old. Eventually I went to Little Oxhey Lane School and my brother John went to Clarendon. We lived there until we moved to Huntercrombe Gdns. My father and older brother Charlie, played cricket at the park. Our surname is Burton. We lived at No.10 Liphook Road.

    By Brenda ROGERS (29/11/2019)
  • I lived in Bramshaw as a little girl in the 60’s then Shanklin gardens. My mum was the lollipop lady on Preswick road about 1963..65. I remember so much about Oxhey from my childhood..tin houses…Oxhey wood juniors..Sir James Altham where my brother and two of my sisters went. My maiden name was Mead..my sister Lynne Mead married Les Spearing and lived on the estate until 2001. I found this site while trying to find some old school mates. Thanks all for sharing the memories!

    By Jenny (Mead) Percival (24/09/2018)
  • Built from steel , galvanised sheet, & Asbestos Roof. These houses were constructed on a steel frame, from the top downwards. Roof, followed by galvanised metal panels, window frames, expanded steel wire and horse hair to foundations, which was then covered in a plaster and cement coating. All plumbing ran inside the house to avoid any possible freeze ups, as experienced with conventional houses. I can remember thinking that they looked like a barn in their early construction, a roof standing on legs. I believe that earthquake proof houses have a steel frame construction to avoid collapse, as they act like a raft and tilt according to the tremor.

    By Arthur Hall (22/12/2017)
  • We moved to Kirkcaldy Green very early, during the building of the houses, no infants school, was bussed to Bushey, where they were very strict, once went to  be canned for talking.

    Whilst in spain playing pertance ( bowls ) a lady in a wheel chair came up to me, she was in my class,wish now I had kept in touch.

    What sort of houses were they in Kirkcaldy green?

    I had wonderful childhood roaming the woods etc.

    By ray stroud (24/08/2016)
  • Can anyone remember Heswell Green, I lived there as a little girl.

    By sally paternoster (21/01/2015)
  • Yes, Bramshaw Gardens is off of Little Oxhey Lane.

    By Susan Waller (13/07/2014)
  • Thank you Sue, the improvements look great, is Little Oxhey Lane near Bramshaw Gardens ?

    By Barbara Birch (11/07/2014)
  • Does anyone know where this house is, looks very similar to 46,Bramshaw gardens, where the Birch family lived for a short while. approx 1963.we left when my dad remarried.There were four of us, two boys two girls.

    By Barbara Birch (07/07/2014)
  • This house is in Little Oxhey Lane, directly opposite the Little Oxhey Lane shops.

    By Susan Waller (07/07/2014)