Attractions of being close to London

South Oxhey my home

By G Thomson

Cauldwell Road

My place of birth is Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In 1976, having served 17 years in the RAF I was posted to NATO HQ Northwood where I served my last 5 years. Because of the shortage of accommodation SNCOs could live locally in lodgings. I lived for 6 years with Mrs Pendrry in Cauldwell Road after leaving the RAF.

Mrs Pendrry

She used to tell me about moving to South Oxhey soon after the war ended. She was one of the first people to move here from London. She told me the Carpenders Park Station was a simple hut to begin with. When Mrs Pendrry died aged nearly 90 years old I was able to obtain a council flat and I have stayed in this area ever since.

Irresistible London

Although I have thought of returning to my homeland in Scotland in retirement I find the attractions of being close to London irresistible at this time.

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  • I must have known Mrs Pendry as we moved at the same time when there was not much at Caldwell Road and Woodhall Land where we lived. We knew everyone round and about with the estate being so small.

    By Shirley Oliver Ongley (07/10/2010)