Modern Sculpture at Clarendon School

a human pyramid

By Watford Observer

The tall thin figures helping one of their team up
© Watford Observer 1962

This sculpture, depicting tall, spindly figures in the act of creating what looks like a variation on a human pyramid stood in the grounds of Clarendon School.  The photo was taken by the Watford Observer in summer 1962.

We need your help! Do you know whose work this is, whether it is still standing and when it dates to?  If you do, drop us a comment below.

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  • I can just remember the construction of this, I think it stood out side of the art block, I’m sure all the pupils had a hand in its construction, I’m sure I also had a hand in helping make it.

    By Tony Davison (07/04/2018)
  • For further information see ‘Modern Sculpture at Clarendon School – Part 2’.

    By Susan Waller (26/11/2012)
  • Mr Sellers also drew cartoons”Enoch and Eli” and went on a sabbatical to America returning with a rather exotic looking wife. Also, what happened to the Crusader statue?

    By Bill Brown (14/06/2012)
  • For some sad reason, I have a copy of the 8th annual prize giving and speech day report, November 29th 1962! Inside, as part of the art department report to parents, it says”…. group of figures entitled “The Acrobats”, completed under the supervision of Mr Sellers…” Looking at the staff list, I see Mr Hannabuss was the main pottery man, so he may have played a part….

    By barry (24/01/2011)