Arriving in the "Country"

New Residents of South Oxhey

By Betty - Braziers

Meeting future residents at the Train Station, as they came off with children, and arriving from London, where possibly they had lived for many years. Taking them by car to view their future homes. Answering their questions – where are the shops, schools? Bewildered ladies who had arrived in what was then country settings and all this to have the privilege of serving them with milk – from Braziers Dairies.
They were met at the station by the Co-op, the Express Dairy, the Coal man, the Council officers.

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  • As you say a little nudge and lots of memories come flooding back, Braziers dairy would deliver milk in their little electric'”floats”” does anyone remember the bottles of sterilized milk, yuck, but better than nothing, the bakers van would also call, oh those lovely iced buns.We also had a man selling fruit and vegies. We lived in Sidmouth Close, close to Hayling Road. All my memories are good of my time in South Oxhey.I have lived in Australia for 42 years, so happy when I found this site.

    By Barbara Birch (02/07/2014)
  • Hi this is bringing so many memories back. Someone mentioned Braziers shop, silly things that oh, yes I remember mum going there to shop. We were very young but have such lovely memories, they just need a little nudge and they come flooding back.

    By Jean hendy (27/03/2014)