Caldwell Road

Mrs Boore and son, John in 1950s

Mrs Moore and son John
by Unknown
A view of Caldwell Road 1950's

The picture, taken in 1953/4, shows Mrs. Boore and her son John, aged 15 at the time.  Mrs Boore is working in the garden while her son may be helping her or on his way out somewhere.

Caldwell Road, runs from  Kilmarnock Road to Woodhall Lane.

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  • l remember Mrs Boore .She was a friend of my mothers ( Bertha Fowler ) They both went to the same ladies club at Oxhey We first arrived in Oxhey on 11/11/48 .Lived at 152 Prestwick Road ,then when my sister Julie ,Brother Roland ,and l Joyce ( Joy ) all married my parents moved to Seacroft Gardens Right opposite the woods full of Bluebells

    By Joy Locksley (26/03/2018)
  • I remember the Boore family. I think Barbara Boore was a friend of my sister Rita Oliver.

    By Shirley Oliver Ongley (02/03/2018)
  • That photograph is very early 1950s , possibly even 1949 . The gardens are all freshly planted , with no privet hedges , which becam a feature of nearly every garden on the estate. I do remember the Semms twins , (Paul and Barry?) , they were one of three sets of twins in Caldwell Road c. 1950 , the other two being the Bowens , and the Ravening girls Pat and Pam who lived at number 25 or 27.

    By James Gardiner (23/12/2017)
  • The Boore family were neighbour of ours. We lived at number 21 just along the street . Mrs. Boore looked after me when my Mum was working. Apart from John , she had a daughter Barbara. She had a large framed enfraving in her front-room , some classical scene with nude lady , which my Catholic Mum told me not to look at.

    By James Gardiner (23/12/2017)
  • The photo of Caldwell Road there is a little black car parked at the side of the road.Both my brother and I believe it is our dad’s car . I remember him coming home with it for the first time, we all climbed in for a ride we were so excited, my brothers and I . This our first trip in a car. All the neighbours were out to see the excitement.We lived in number 20, the Simms family. Does anyone remember my family.

    By Jean Hendy (11/04/2014)
  • Any idea where this picture came from? Thats my dad and gran in the pic!

    By Paul Boore (07/11/2010)
  • Not as far as I know, I’m afraid. My family comes from the northwest of England, and I added this page in my capacity as a volunteer for the Making Memories project. However, I’ve never researched my entire family history, so there’s always a possibility.

    By Richard Brockbank (28/10/2010)
  • I notice that a picture was sent by Richard Brockbank. A family called Brockbank lived in Woodhall Lane. Any relation?????

    By Shirley Oliver Ongley (27/10/2010)