Elvis the donkey

The three humps

By Danny Caton

13th Green, Oxhey Golf Club
by E Ray

I would pay a penny a minute to have a horse riding lesson in about 1960 on Elvis the pony.  I used to ride around the 3 humps which are still there today, but are now covered in trees.

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  • Yes I remember the humps and a steep hill leading down to them, in the winter we used old trays to slide down in the winter when it snowed, or our home made carts in the summertime. or going to the dell in the woods just off the humps, I lived in Ashburnham drive no 50, our house backed on to the golfcourse, so it was a big playground, for us lads

    By tony davison (12/07/2022)
  • I too had rides on ponies that girls owned in Fulford Grove, I spent my young days chasing after them as they cantered round the golf course, they kept them in the Water Works fields in Hamper Mill, we were able to get through from there onto the golf course then.
    I came from London with my family when I was 18 months and spent many hour of freedom growing up following my big brothers to Ruislip Lido for the day, playing games of chase and hide and seek and different ball games. So much fun and good exercise. Attended school at Little Furze and then St. Josephs school, after which went on to St. Michaels in Garston, going by school bus every day.
    I lived in Fairhaven Crescent growing up, and have since married my husband who lived in Fulford Grove, we have had three Children all grown up now, we still live in South Oxhey in Chilwell Gardens,. We have seen many changes presently going through the Regeneration of the Shops, now South Oxhey Central.
    We have started a Residents Association for our Estate, SORA has now been established for a year. Change is always with us.

    By Deirdre Hanley (15/01/2019)
  • It was amazing to see your entry as I also had riding lessons on Elvis by Gill, his owner! I went on to look after him for her when boyfriends came on the scene! Many happy hours were spent and horses became my life’s passion. 

    By Barbara Day (nee Lewis) (01/12/2015)