Housed by the GLC

A long way from London

By Rosemary

We were given a one bedroom flat by the GLC (then in Stag Lane, Edgeware) We had to find out how to get here as we didn’t know where South Oxhey was – we had been to Watford, but it seemed a long way off from London.  At the time my husband was a fireman and I was a nursing sister in London. Oxhey then seemed strange but now it’s London that seems like a foreign country.

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  • My mother told me she could not believe their luck on being offered a house in Arbroath Green South Oxhey. Especially the front room fire which was designed to also heat the kitchen and up the middle of the house to the bedrooms. Also as practically no cars there were safe grass areas for the children to play on.

    By Susan Burke (28/10/2018)