Moving onto the LCC Estate 31st March, 1949

Instructions to the Occupant

On 31st March 1949, one of the new residents on the LCC estate recieved the following letter from the LCC Director of Housing:

The Director of Housing and Valuer

31st. March, 1949

Dear Sir or Madam,

   Now that you have moved into you, I would like to wish you every happiness in the future.

   There may possibly be a number of things in your home that will be quite new to you.  You may need advice as to the most economical use of your electric or gas cooker or the type of fire – you may find that you are unaccustomed to the use of an immersion heater.  Inside your home, it is wise to ascertain where the water stop-cock is located in case of any emergency as well as the taps etc., for turning off the gas and electricity supply.  If you need advice in connection with these or any other problems, my officers will do their utmost to help you.

      A good deal of thought and effort has been given or will be to the planting of hedges, trees shrubs and other plants to add to the general appearance of the Estate, and I know that I can look to you for the safeguarding of these plants and trees from wilful destruction.  Your cooperation in furthering this effort in your own garden will be appreciated.

      On some of the new housing estates, you will at first find inconveniences.  No shops, churches, chapels, community halls etc., but these will all come in time.  When these have been provided on estates, I am sure you will want to make the best possible use of them and so give all the help you can to the establishment of a new and useful community.

You will, I am sure, take care of your new home.  Such small things as oiling window and door hinges, and re-washering taps when necessary will not only assist with calls on maintenance, but will help to keep your home in good order, for it is not possible, at the present time, to give immediate attention to repairs, when a request is received.  This, I think you will understand, especially when I remind you that we are devoting all our energies to the production of new homes.

The quiet enjoyment of your home largely depends upon the cultivation of a good-neighbour spirit and I know you will agree with me that this is essential in any well-run community.

Last, but not least, I shall appreciate your co-operation in these matters, and, needless to say, the prompt payment of your rent (which is subject to alteration) will avoid unnecessary work at the local office.

Director of Housing and Valuer




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