The Magic Robot

My Birthday

By Terry Trainor

My eyes prung open it is my birthday today and I am ten years old. Iwonder what I have got I hope it is good? Dressing quickly pretending to have a bath I make my way downstairs. On the sofa was a wrapped parcel with a card stuck on it.

The light through the windows seem darker this morning the dustman has taken our bin up the alley. A long thin cart with shutters on the side stands outside our house. The Braziers Dairy milk float is blocking their way. I went back to my box and gave it a rattle and I took the wrappers off what a fantastic present.

They had been to Spantoy a toy shop near the station. My dreams have been answered just what I wanted a Magic Robot.

Taking the lid off I looked at the contents it had a wand. There were question sheets, hard ones, like what is the capital of France? The robot with the wand was placed in a slot, the wand pointed at the sheet. Then the robot had to be put on the answer sheet board, the one with the mirror and wait.

When the robot was put on the mirror it spins around and points out the answer. Most of my answers was Ben Nevice there must be a glitch. So after a while I put the Magic Robot back into the box then put the box away.

I started to get into trouble at school with the teacher about my ansews against the ones she gave me. In the end I had to agree and the box stayed in the bedroom under my bed. 

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  • Peter, yes I did used to go to the disco at the social on Wednesdays. Never paid to get in we used to clime in a back window. At one time Sean Barber was the bouncer he just watched us climbing in.

    By Terry Trainor (07/01/2013)
  • Hi Peter. Yes I worked for the railway for many years, and I do remember Christine, please say hello and give her my love. Mrs Buckly, I had forgotten about her. I could look Mr Pitt in the eye. Because, as I mentioned before, there was a huge queue outside his office nobody was saying much but gradually, one then two children started rocking, in a few minutes everybody was rocking backwards and forwards on their feet. As I am writing this I keep bursting out laughing, I have tears in my eyes, it was so funny, I can see it now. I am so glad you commented on the Magic Robot it is a real pleasure to talk to you again after so many years.

    By Terry Trainor (13/08/2012)
  • Hello again Terry , love the way you can write all these memories,does take you back doesn’t it .Was glad you replied ,by the way my sisters name was Christine . Didn’t you later work on the railway. Also did you ever get a slap on the back of the legs from Mrs Buckley .. wow did that hurt …and I creased up when you mentioned Mr Pitt rocking back and forth ..and what about Mr Keogh ..always called me block head. Did you ever go to the Wednesday discos at the Social Center?. Anyway take care talk soon .. you know what , I could write a book about all this . lol . such memorys .

    By Peter Thubbron (13/07/2012)
  • Hi Peter Yes I remember you from St. Joes it was a long time ago but it seems like yesterday. You have a sister named Catherine if I remember. Lovely to hear from you Peter, now I will spend the rest of the day back at St. Joes.

    By Terry Trainor (19/05/2012)
  • Hello Terry some great memories there that I can relate to .You may reconise my surname ,I too had a magic robot ,and I remember Ivan at the train station ,and the cafe also spantoy , I used to get my stinkbombs there. Nice to here from you though, I presume you are the Terry Trainor I knew of from St Joes , ya was a little bugger I

    By Peter Thubbron (05/05/2012)
  • I also had one of the ‘Magic Robots’, they can still be bought today. Mine worked well and was one of those toys that never seemed to wear out. Was the toy shop ‘Spantoy’ before it was ‘Foxleys’ or the other way around?

    By Susan Waller (22/03/2012)