First station.

Halt for the golf course

By Lilian Grey

Carpenders Park First Station
Hertfordshire Libraries

First visit to Carpenders Park in 1938.  Station a halt for golf course on which South Oxhey was built after 2nd War.

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  • This picture shows a Bakerloo Line Train, destination Elephant & Castle. These trains ran frequently when I lived in Carpenders Ave during the 1940’s. The service ran in sequence Broad Street, Bakerloo, Euston, Bakerloo etc., The evening return journey would include Bushey, Croxley Green & Rickmansworth as termination stops, as well as Watford Junction.

    By Arthur Hall (26/07/2011)
  • In the first AGM of the Oxhey Golf Club – 17th May 1913 – it was recorded that Directors were negotiating with the LNWR for a halt to be built for the Club. A subsequent reference in the following year’s minutes indicates that the halt was largely used by members living in Hampstead.

    By Terry Askew (20/01/2011)
  • Perhaps I should also add that copies of the report on Oxhey Golf Course 1912-1952, by Don Dunham, Neil Hamilton and John Swain, which is out-of-print, can be found in the reference section at Oxhey Library, Bridlington Road, and in the clubhouse at Oxhey Park G.C., Prestwick Road. The clubhouse also has on display my original drawings of the 1920 and 1939 layouts of Oxhey Golf Course, in addition to a fine collection of black-and-white photographs of the famous old course, which were taken during the interwar period. Local historian, Neil Hamilton, informs me that a series of postcards were sold in the early 1930s, and each set of six contained a bonus card of professional Ted Ray in action!

    By John Swain (08/11/2010)
  • David, Have a look at my comments on Oxhey Playing Fields elsewhere on this website. The construction of Hayling and Prestwick roads resulted in the loss of about 30% of the lower part of the original course, between the track (Green Lane) and the LMS railway embankment. The course had to be re-designed and it was no longer the full championship length it had been since May 1912. There will be a relevant chapter in David Reidy’s forthcoming history on South Oxhey, in which I have attempted to describe these changes that took place in the relatively brief life of Oxhey Golf Course.

    By JohnSwain (07/11/2010)
  • At a talk about the history of the golf club on 6th March 2010 we were told that although it closed after the second world war this was separate from the building of the South Oxhey estate since the estate only used a tiny bit of the golf course land.

    By David Hall (07/05/2010)