Oxhey Golf Club - Part 1

History from AGM Minutes 1912 until middle of the First World War

By Terry Askew

Mrs. Bromet with Inter Club Foursomes Trophy
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Acc 3970 Box 1/3 Oxhey Golf Club  


FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF THE OXHEY GOLF CLUB held at the Club House on Saturday 17th May 1913 at 5.30 pm. Mr. S. J. Blackwell in the Chair.  

The Secretary having read the notice convening the Meeting, Mr. L. W. Sedgwick proposed and Mr. Murray Hill seconded that Mr. H. H. Cobb be elected Captain for the years 1913-1914, and was carried.  

The following members were duly elected to serve on the Committee:  

Mr. M. J. Allen  
Sir C. M. Lush
Mr. R. N. Balfour
Mr. J. P. H. Lomas
Mr. H. M. Harford
Mr. H. M. Orr
Mr. G. Murray Hill
Mr. L. W. Sedgwick
Mr. A. Inman
Mr. J. Marshall Thomson  

The Secretary read his report as follows:  

“The Club opened on 4th May 1912. Since that date “much has been done to the course in the matter of bunkering, getting fairway in order, new tees, shelters and general improvement, and it is hoped that there will be a still further marked improvement by next winter. There is of course much always to be done, but this has to move with the weather and time of year as opportunity offers. Peter Lees when he inspected the course and greens was most sanguine as to their improvement.

A New Members List and Book of Rules will shortly be available for the use of members. The Committee understand that the Directors are negotiating for a halt on the London North Western Railway.

E. Ray is to be congratulated on having won the Open Championship 1912 since he took up the duties of professional to this Club.  Mr. Murray Hill has given a Challenge Cup for Match Play Singles under handicap, and the Directors have given a Challenge Cup for an Autumn Foursomes Tournament. The Captain’s Cup given by Mr. Justice Lush was won by Mr. H. W. Beveridge, and Mr. Gibbons Gunlings (?) Cup for members of the Committee by Mr. M. J. Allen . Mr. Seyd also gave a prize which was won by Mr. A. D. Dodgson at the Easter Meeting. A Challenge Bowl for the Lady Members has been given by Mrs. Walter Blackwell, the Ladies Captain for 1912 – 1913.

The Directors wish to express their thanks to the members for their consideration shown during the first year of the course”   Mr. J. W. Rexworthy proposed and Mr. S. Hookway seconded that ladies be allowed to come into the Lounge on Saturdays, Sundays etc as well as weekdays. This was carried, but Mr. Murray Hill objected on the grounds that the resolution was not in order as 21 day’s notice had not been given, and proposed the following amendment: “That the matter of the ladies coming into the lounge on Saturdays and Sundays be referred to the members by circular for individual opinion”. This was seconded by Mr. H. H. Cobb and carried.   Mr. Murray Hill proposed and Mr. L. W. Sedgwick seconded a vote of thanks to Mr. S. J. Blackwell, the Chairman, for presiding at the meeting, and the proceedings were terminated.           

SECOND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Members of the Oxhey Golf Club, held at the Club House on Saturday 16th May 1914 at 5.30 pm.    

Mr. H. H. Cobb in the Chair.   The Secretary read the notice convening the meeting.   Mr. Cobb stated that Mr. S. J. Blackwell, the President, was unavoidably absent on the Continent, and has expressed his regret at not being able to present at the meeting.   Mr. H. H. Cobb proposed Mr. H. M. Orr as Captain for the coming year. Mr. G. Murray Hill seconded the proposal & it has carried unanimously.   Mr. H. M. Orr proposed and Mr. L. W. Sedgwick seconded that Mr. H. H. Cobb be elected as member of the General Committee. This was carried unanimously.   Mr. A. Bromet (?) proposed and Mr.| R. N. Balfour seconded that Mr. T. W. Hemmende (?) be elected a member of the General Committee & this was carried unanimously.   The appointment of Mr. H. H. Lyde on the Committee on the retirement of Mr. Justice Lush was put to the vote and confirmed.  

The Secretary made his report as follows: “I have not much to report that is not already known to the members. The halt is working well, and will, I understand easily pay for itself. The train service is better that at the start, but will be further improved when the line is electrified.

The following have been the chief items of interest as regards the past year’s competitions:   Murray Hill Cup (1913) L. C. Brown Founder’s Cup (1913) J. Marshall Thomson & M. T. Allen Captain’s Prize (1914) Dr. A. Evans Medal: Best Gross Score 73   H. W. Beveridge 19th July 1913 Bogey Best Score     1 up   P.G. Negrethe (?) 1st November 1913     Mr. H. F. Eve suggested that a tariff should be put up in the Club House. Mr. Orr stated that the Committee had arranged for this to be done and that copies should have been in the bar and the dining room. He had made enquiries that afternoon ands found that the Steward had put the list of prices away, and he had given instructions for them to be replaced.  

The question of the train service to the halt was discussed and it was resolved that the L. N. W. Railway should be asked to stop the 9.35 from Euston at the halt as this train was largely used by members living in Hampstead.           

THIRD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  of the Members of Oxhey Golf Club held at the Club House on Saturday 15th May 1915 at 5.30pm  

Mr. S. J. Blackwell in the Chair.   The Honorary Secretary having read the notice convening the meeting. Mr. R. A. Blackwell proposed and Mr. L. W. Sedgwick seconded that Mr. H. M. Orr be re-elected Captain for the year 1915-1916. This was carried unanimously.   Two members of the Committee, Mr. H. H. Cobb and Mr. T. W. Hemmerde, having retired on account of their military duties, Mr. J. W. Rexworthy proposed and Mr. L. W. Sedgwick seconded that Mr. H. F. Eve and Mr. H. W. Harding be elected members of the Committee. This was carried unanimously.  

The Secretary read his report as follows: “There was not much to report but the following may interest the meeting.   The War has disorganised the Club generally, players, grounds-men, caddies and matches. Of the grounds-men five have joined the Army, and others volunteered and were not taken. Of the caddies 19 have joined of the permanent men. Only three of the original men remain and all have tried to enlist. A good number have gone from the Saturday and Sunday caddies.  The Steward being on the Royal Marine Pension Reserve has been recalled for duty at Gosport. So far I have heard of some 40 members joining, and there may be more. We have had 58 resignations of membership, including 8 ladies.  

All this tends to make it extremely difficult to keep the course and club house up to best form. The shortage of labour is more or less permanent while the war lasts, as it is most difficult to find anyone to take the places of the men who have left. As regards the caddies, we are only taking lads under military age, or those    who are incapable of service through some defect. Under the circumstances it is hoped the members will make every allowance for deficiencies either as to course, caddies, or cuisine.  

The monthly competitions for the year gave the following best scores:   Medal 75 gross J. Marshall Thomson 20th June 1914 Bogey 4 up   P. W. Layton 1st August 1914   The Murray Hill Cup and Founders Cup have not been played for this year. No competition will be held for the Captain’s prize this year, but members who have qualified will be able to compete for the Captain’s Prize next year if all goes well and, if as is hoped, the war will be over. The train service is gradually developing, and the Bakerloo is now connected down to Willesden.

Last year a fund was started for the caddies’ gardens and the sum of £16 was subscribed. From this was purchased sets of tools for the men, seeds etc. The ground was broken up and a small first crop obtained. Then it was found that the neighbouring chickens and rabbits destroyed the sowings, and the garden was enclosed with wire netting and is now doing well. The difficulty has been continuity of ownership of plots, one man reaping another man’s sowings. Now there will be less of this and I think the experiment will be a success, and get the caddies to work with some interest, and in the end leave here with an acquired knowledge of gardening that can prove useful to them if they wish to employ it. We have still a small balance in hand which will be used for the purchase of seeds as required. I have helped with spare plants from my own garden and can keep this up”.  

Mr. Sedgwick proposed and Mr. Orr seconded that the report be approved. Mr. Orr also proposed that it should be put on the notice board and this was agreed.   Mr. R. A. Melhuish brought up the question of Mr. F. N. Heister’s nationality, Mr. Heister having been introduced by him. Mr. Melhuish proposed that Mr. Heister should be written to and his membership suspended during the period of the war, and his subscription refunded. This was agreed.   

Mr. Sedgwick proposed a vote of thanks to Colonel Fulton for the loan of the horns that were put on the Club House walls. This was carried unanimously.   A vote of thanks to the Chairman proposed by Mr. Hookway and seconded by Mr. Orr, was carried unanimously.

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