Singing in the choir

Tea cakes and memories

Member of the Clitheroe Club
by Beverley Small

I joined the Choir when it first started but I had to give it up because of my thyroid. 

Gareth came to see us when he was doing the choir.  When he first came he told us how he had taken some children on holiday to teach them to sing.

We had a piano and Kitty Lee and Fred and a few others came along, and they joined straight away.  Kitty always got up and gave us a song.  She was 90 when she died.

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  • I watched a T V program on how the choir got  togeather, could’nt believe South Oxhey on tv, the choir seemed to bring the community together.I lived in South Oxhey in the 50s and 60s, very friendly then, we knew all our neighbours in Sidmouth CLose, could call on any of them to borrow a cup of sugar.We of course walked to school, Little Furze and Clarendon Secondry Modern, if we were in trouble there were several people on the way, that would help.I remember falling off my bike coming down a hill, a very kind lady came out washed and dressed my wounded knee, still have the scar, I often think of that lady.In my mind the hill was somewhere near Little Furze,a big area of woods, happy days.

    By Barbara Birch (03/08/2014)