Footbridge to Carpenders Park station from St Meryls Estate

Carpenders Park Station 100 years old

By Arthur Hall

My Brother Bill was a Railway enthusiast, and had many railway photographs, and pictures. Reading the comment about Carpenders Park Station 100 years old, reminded me that he had 3 old photographs of the footbridge, and platforms, however, I have at this moment only been able to find 1 Photo of the footbridge from the Carpenders Park side, (which I have added), it is not a very good picture, but it gives some idea what it looked like. I will endeavour to continue my search, and if I find any more, I will add them.

This page was added on 22/01/2014.

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  • The entrance from the Oxhey Golf Club side, was from the cattle tunnel, along a footpath that ran parallel to the station platform, which was accessible through a ‘Kissing Gate’ and up a single flight of wooden steps, which enabled you to join the footbridge, should you wish to catch a south bound train, or proceed to St Meryls Estate.

    By Arthur Hall (02/02/2014)
  • I remember the concrete bocks which the bridge supports were fixed to were there until the early 1980s and were only removed when Hartcran house and its car park were developed next to the railway

    By Neil Hamilton (29/01/2014)