The Ricochets

A South Oxhey band early 1960s

By Alan O'kelly

It’s a long time ago but we were a pretty good band and played all over the south-east. We were big in Slough! Our wonderful singer, Ken Butcher, was a born entertainer and everyone loved him.

We even played the famous California Ballroom in Dunstable and a Liverpool music paper did a double page spread about two bands who were a ‘….threat from the south.’ Us and the other group who were some lads called The Rolling Stones. I wonder what ever happened to them.

It was a wonderful, optimistic time; I wonder if anyone remembers us?

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  • Rebecca Fowler

    Hi Rebecca, no I can’t remember your dad being in The Ricochets unless he was there before I joined. Long time ago.

    By Alan O'Kelly (14/09/2017)
  • My dad has talked about when he was in a band called The Ricochets, could this be the same one? His name is Philip Locke. He’s talked about when he and the band were the warm up act for Dave, D, Mick & Titch? Is this you? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Rebecca

    By Rebecca Fowler (09/09/2017)
  • Barry is certainly right about the Ricochets already formed when I Joined. I had just left Pete Hughes’ band, The Strollers, When drummer Barry asked me to go along to a Ricochets practice. I had never heard of the group, not even locally, but I went along. There was one really good band on the council estate where we lived but I can’t remember their name.
    Sorry Barry, your memory is at fault. I did one gig with Colin Baxter in the group so I never got to know him at all. But Barry was with us for a while and the circumstances of his leaving were somewhat complicated!
    Our reputation started to grow and from that point on we started to do quite well, as mentioned before.

    By Alan O'Kelly (18/05/2017)
  • I would be interested to know if the Jack James mentioned above is the brother of Philip who lived In Ellesborough Close, South Oxhey. It would be good to hear from you both.

    By Barry Skinner (10/03/2016)
  • Hi – I am Barry Skinner mentioned in the above posts. I am afraid Alan O’Kelly memory fails him regarding the formation of the the Ricochets. The original group was formed by myself (Keyboard & Vocals) Colin Baxter (Guitar & Vocals) Dave Bradley (Bass) and Barry Warner (Drums). Vic, Kenny Butcher and Alan himself came along much later after Colin Baxter and I had left the group. The girl I was trying to impress was the very pretty Moira Kennedy who has now been my wife for the last 47 years. It obviously worked!!

    By Barry Skinner (28/02/2016)
  • Hi Jack, well I’m pleased you liked The Ricochets. Not sure about Barry forming the band though he was in it for a very short time. You’re right about ‘Brad’ on bass, real name Dave Bradley who was a really nice laid-back guy. Barry was on drums, Vic on lead guitar, me on rhythm guitar, songwriting and backing vocals and the wonderful Ken Butcher who was the lead singer. The line-up did change later on.

    I can’t remember how long we were going for but it was great fun. We used to practice in the Three Tuns pub at the bottom of Watford High Street. No idea if that’s still there.


    By Alan O'kelly (28/08/2015)
  • If this is the same band I remember they were formed by Barry Skinner, who, to impress a girl said he was in a band. When she asked to come to a gig he formed The Ricochets. I also remember their bass player’s name was Brad and they released a single, I think called “I’m feeling blue” I remember they were a really good band.

    By Jack James (04/08/2015)