Gladstone Road

Monday 12th to Sunday 18th November 1900

Monday November 12th

Have not been able to keep this diary as I have been staying at Flo’s in Gladstone Road, Watford while Mother’s out nursing. I have not felt well this last day or two and today feel very queer. Am staying on till 9.30 tho not fit for it.
Charlie is at home this week has given up his place as he thinks it is too hard and he is not well enough. I don’t know what he thinks they are going to live on.
The weather had been very bad all this month has rained nearly every day.

Tuesday November 13th

I went up by my usual train but was so queer when I got there they made me go home again. Today is my birthday and the girls in my room gave me a beautiful fur necklet. Maggie Gosing a nice book called Barbara Heathcote Trial (not clear). I came home and went to bed. I got up later on and after tea went to Dr Burnett’s. He says I am run down. The baby Nellie is very poorly I expect it is her teeth.

Wednesday November 14th

I did not go out at all today as I was so poorly. I stayed in bed till nearly dinner time.

Thursday November 15th

I managed to go to business today although I still feel far from well.

Friday November 16th

There is no entry for this day

Saturday November 17th

I had a tea party today. Eva Fawcett and Maggie Gosling came to tea and stayed till about half past nine. Elsie seemed to quite enjoy having company.

Sunday 18th November

Bert went into his new place tonight at Gristwood’s the Bakers at High Street, Watford. He has been at work 3 years.

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