November goes out, dull and dreary

Monday 26th November - Sunday 2nd December 1900

By Rosemary Bailiss

Young Edith
copyright Virginia Barber

Monday November 26th

Nice and bright most of the day, rather foggy at night.  I had part of my half day.  I left the Office at 3 o’clock and went up to Highgate to see Miss Whitbread.  I came home by the 8.35 from Euston.  Mother and I are back home again today.  Mother left Mrs White’s on Saturday and stayed at Lil’s till this morning.  Yesterday I brought Elsie with me to Chapel and she went to Rob’s to dinner and tea.  She said when she got home she had been very happy. I went to Fred’s to Dinner and Mrs Bailey’s to tea.

Tuesday November 27th

Weather very dull today.  Instead of coming home I went into Watford with Maggie Gosling to tea and then went to the Mission Hall to take part in an entertainment on behalf of the Homes for Aged Women.  Maggie and I sang a duet “the best friend to have is Jesus”

Wednesday November 28th

Another very dull day.  I caught my early train home, brought a bit of work home with me.  At 7.30 Mother and I went down to the week night service and then I finished the work when we came home.

Thursday November 29th

Another dull dreary day.  I got home by 10 to 6 but brought work home with me.  Went to Choir Practise at 8 o’clock did not get back till 10 o’clock.

Friday November 30th

Another dull damp day.  I got home by the 10 to 6 went to Pentecostal League meeting.  Before that I had a little tune on the piano.  After I came out of the meeting I went up Watford to meet Mother, she had gone up to Flo’s.  I got nearly there before I met her.

Saturday December 1st

Still very dull foggy and damp.  I came home by the 1.40 had my dinner and then Mother and I went up Watford shopping.  We expected to meet Flo but did not so went to Gladstone Road and fetched them.  I bought a new black jacket and we bought Flo the stuff for a new dress. black amazon cloth in return for my being up there while Mother was away.  Came home and had tea then went to the prayer meeting.  Called in at Mary’s on my way home.

Sunday December 2nd

Damp and foggy.  Charlie Flo and the children came down to dinner and tea.  I took Elsie to School with me.  I stayed at home with children while the others went to Chapel.  Elsie stayed all night.

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