Map of South Oxhey

Ordnance Survey 1899

By Llinos Thomas

Ordnance Survey 1899, 6 inch
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

This 6 inch Ordnance Survey map of 1899 shows Oxhey prior to the building of the Estate. Oxhey Place and Lodge can be seen on the map. At that time Oxhey Woods dominated the landscape

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  • The old park pond is coloured in blue and is the site of Oxhey Wood School -next to it is Pond wood which is now behind the Police station. Carpenders Mansion is across to the far right – the blue coloured pond is the pond now within Carpenders Park cemetery. Eastbury House can be seen to the extreme left of the map and is now the location of the NATO base. The old house burnt down in the 1970’s

    By Neil Hamilton (29/07/2012)