A Heatwave, Convention Meetings and a Visitor from America!

Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd July 1900

Monday July 16th

Still very hot, looked rather as if there was going to be a thunderstorm, but we did not get it.

Convention meetings being held all day today.  Maggie Gosling and I went to the Palace this evening had a walk around and then went into the meeting in Tent Endeavour and heard a splendid Missionary address by Mr Whitewright who has been missionary for 19 years.  He spoke on the state of affairs in China at the present time.  We saw Mrs Bailey in the meeting and she came home with us.  Got home at 10.30.

Tuesday July 17th

Another lovely day not quite so oppressive, more breeze.

Did not get home till 6.30.  I had my tea and then sat at needlework in the garden until it got too dark to see.

Had a letter from Kimberley yesterday morning from Laurie.  Greg and Nell are nearly well again for which we are very thankful.  I must go and see Aunt Emily again as soon as I can to see how she is getting on.

Wednesday July 18th

Another scorching hot day.  The last day of Convention Meetings.  Mother went up for the day and enjoyed it very much, there was some splendid meetings.  I got there about 6 o’clock.  Mother met me at the entrance and we had walk to the lake and then made our way to the Concert Hall.  Mr H Nash had got us seats on the platform so we were able to hear very nicely.  There were 4 other meetings going on at the same time.  There was a roll call at each meeting and it was grand to hear the different nations respond.  We got home at 11.30 having spent a very happy time, there were nearly a dozen of us from Bushey came down by that train.

Thursday July 19th

Another scorcher, they say it has been up to 90 in the shade.  I don’t know if that was true but I know it has been dreadfully hot.  I have hardly known how to work.

Mother had been up at Lil’s all day, she found Mrs Birch and Mrs J Byway and baby there, they are going to stay for a few days.  I stayed on till 8.30 to try to get my work up straight.

Friday July 20th

Another very hot day.  Got home at 6, had my tea and then had a tune on the piano.  At 8 o’clock went to Pentecostal League Meeting.  Mother has not been very well today, the heat seems to have upset her.  Tilly and Lily came up with me after the meeting and we all sat just inside the front door chatting and having a cooler.

Saturday July 21st

Still as hot as ever.  Home at 2.30 had my dinner then went and sat in the easy chair in the parlour for about an hour, then did a bit of work I had brought home.  After tea I went up to Flo’s, got back in time for the prayer meeting.  Today is Nellie’s birthday.

Sunday July 22nd

As hot as ever but it is really glorious weather.  Mr Gregory preached both morning and evening.  Mr Spufford is away on his holiday.  When I went down to School in the afternoon I found a young lady waiting outside.  I entered into conversation with her and found that she was a C.E. from America come over for the Convention and she wanted to come into an English Sunday School.  She came up into the gallery with me and gave my children a short address and then went into the other school and spoke a few words.  She was staying at Herkomer’s.


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