Fire in Camden

Monday 23rd to Saturday 28th July 1900

Monday July 23rd

Seemed hotter than ever today. After five instead of coming home I went to Highbury, found Aunt Emily looking half dead. She had been laid up and obliged to have the Dr since I was there before. She said she was feeling better but the hot weather tried her very much. I saw Dick and Uncle they all seemed pleased to see me I got home at 10.30. 

Tuesday July 24th

No change in the weather, each day seems hotter than the day before. Got home at six,had my tea and then sat in the parlour for a bit, then began letter to Laurie in Africa. At 8’oclock went to C.E. meeting,it was a consecration meeting tonight. As Mr Spufford and Mr H Nash were both away,I as Vice President had to call the roll,I also played.

Wednesday July 25th

Still as hot. Got Home at 6.30, had tea and then sat outside the back door and did some work I had brought home and then finished my letter to Laurie.Then mother and I stood at the front gate talking to Mrs Woodward and Alf and while we stood there Mrs Jefferies ran across and told me she had just heard Camden was on fire. I expect there will be a rare excitement at the office tomorrow.

Thursday 26th July

It has been a bit cooler today, more breeze.There was a rare lot of talking this morning about the fire. It was true the offices were on fire but it has not affected my work only made it later coming over. I stayed on till 6.15 train and then went straight up to Lil’s where I expected to find mother. Found she and Mother had gone out shopping so I went up to Flo’s and then called in for Mother on my way back, got home about 9.30. Rob and Tilly called in just as were going to have supper.

 Friday 27th July

A fine morning but sultry,very stormy all afternoon and evening. It was very severe in London in the afternoon it came over so dark we had to light up the gas. It cleared up a bit in time for us to get home, but directly I got indoors it began again. The lightening was very vivid it struck a house in St James also one in Queens Rd and there was some awful peals of thunder and it kept on till nearly eleven o’clock. Mother and I stood at the door watching it for every so long then I came in and did a bit of needlework.

Saturday 28th July

It looked rather stormy again this morning, but it passed off and was nice and fine. I got home at 2.30 had my dinner then went up to Lil’s and took the 2 boys and Dorrie into the park, we called for Elsie and she went with us ,the boys took their cricket things and we had a game of cricket. We got back to tea about a quarter to seven,then Will took the children out again for half an hour and Lil and I went and did a bit shopping. I got home about nine o’clock, then went to Mrs Langstone’s and fetched my white silk blouse that she had been making for me. She had made it very nicely, it has got a sailor collar to it, with lace round it. 




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