Edith stays at Fred's for a month and Lil has another son

Monday September 3rd - Sunday September 9th 1900

Monday September 3rd

Another beautiful day.  I got home at six had my tea, then went for a walk as far as Lil’s.  Got back again about 8.30, then I blacked my sailor hat over with hat polish, then did a bit of work I brought home with me, then looked over the topic for the C.E. tomorrow night.

Tuesday September 4th

Another fine day but rather chilly.  I stayed on till 6.30, had a cup of tea and then went to C.E.  A very happy meeting a good number present, we had a business meeting afterwards.

Miss Clark has been away this Tuesday.  She went to Margate to see her Mother who is not well and she found her so ill she did not like to leave her.

Wednesday September 5th

Another fine day, warmer.  Got home at 7.30 found no one at home.  Aunt Clara had come down for Mother as Lil was not well so I went to Fred’s to sleep.  I am going to stay with them for the next month.  We all went down to Choir practise.

Thursday September 6th

Weather still lovely.  Stayed on till 8.30.  Nothing much to note.

Friday September 7th

Another lovely day, quite hot in the ……. but cool morning and evening.  Home at 9.30.  Lil had another son this afternoon.

Saturday, September 8th

Another nice day.  I got home at six o’clock, had my tea then went up to see Lil, she seems to be getting on nicely.

Sunday, September 9th

A bit dull but no rain.  After Chapel I went home with Flo and Elsie.  Charlie came nearly all the way home with me.


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