Dull weather and a funeral

Monday August 27th - Sunday September 2nd 1900

Edith's family
Virginia Barber

Monday August 27th

Dull and inclined to rain.  Got home at 6 o’clock.  After I had had tea I helped Mother to finish digging up the potatoes that were in the garden.  At 7-30 we went down to the meeting.  A continuation of the Harvest Services.  Lily and I sang a duet.

Tuesday August 28th

Dull and cold but the rain has kept off.  Got home at 7 o’clock had to get my tea ready myself as Mother has been up at Lil’s nearly all day. 
Annie Wakelin called before I had finished my tea.  She wanted to play over something she is going to sing at the open air meeting, so I was rather late getting to C.E.  We had a very nice meeting.  Mr & Mrs Batley were both there.

Wednesday August 29th

Much brighter and warmer today.  Aunt Emily was buried today at Finchley.  Dick wrote asking Mother to go but she could not see her way to do so.  I did not get home till after 8 o’clock.  Mother has been up at Flo’s nearly all day and had not got back.  I did some needlework for about an hour and we went to bed a little earlier than usual.

Thursday August 30th

Another nice day, not quite so bright as yesterday.  Charlie brought Elsie down this morning and left her with Mother till the middle of the afternoon.  He is taking a holiday as he is not very well.
I got home 7-30 had a cup of tea then Mother and I went as far as Mrs Vile’s, coming back I called in at Mrs Langtons for a black skirt she had been making me, she is going to make the bodice next week.  After we got home I did a few jobs of needlework.

Friday August 31st

Another fine day and most lovely sunset.
Got home at 7 o’clock, had a cup of tea then a little tune on the piano, then looked up the topic for next week’s C.E. as I have to open the subject.  Mary came in and stopped chatting for about half an hour.

Saturday September 1st

A soaking wet morning but cleared up in the middle of the day.  I got Mrs Pickburn to get me some dinner and then I went to Melgrund Road to see how they were getting on whether they were going to move.  I found them all in a commotion packing up, Uncle and Dick are going to move to Ada’s at the end of next week.  Lottie is keeping house for them at present.  I got home at 8-30.
Aunt Clara came down by the 5-20.  After they had had a cup of tea Mother took her up to Lil’s.  She is going to stay there for a time.  I went up to meet Mother but missed her.

Sunday September 2nd

A very nice day, a bit cool morning and evening but beautiful and bright.  The Services were held in the School Room today while the Chapel is being renovated.  We held an open air meeting in Vale Road at quarter to six.  Flo and Elsie came down to the Chapel, stayed to communion.
Afterwards Mother, Tilly, Lily and I walked part of the way home with them, called in at Lil’s for a few moments

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