A week of lovely weather

Monday August 13th - Sunday August 19th 1900

Monday August 13th

Another lovely day.  I came home by the 6-40.  Found Rob at home he had come up to have his tea as Tilly was out, she had taken Lily and the two little girls staying next door into Cassiobury Park, they had taken their tea with them.  I brought some work home with me by the time I had done that it was time to go to bed.

Tuesday August 14th

Another day like yesterday, almost perfect, not too hot and yet lovely and bright.  I came home by the 3-40, as Mr Sturman had invited the choirs to a social at his house Silverstone, Capel Road.  We spent a very pleasant time there.  I came out at 8 o’clock and went to the C.E. and then back again till eleven o’clock.  Mother has been up at Lil’s all day helping her.

Wednesday August 15th

It looked a little bit dull first thing this morning but cleared up lovely and bright afterwards.  I came home by the 5.19 from Chalk Farm, got tea ready and had it, then walked up to Gladstone Road to call for Mother who had been up there all day helping Flo.  Charlie is not well, went to the Dr Monday night and he told him he ought to have a fortnight’s rest.  It is all very well for the Dr to order that sort of thing it is another thing to be able to do it.

Thursday August 16th

Another lovely day.  Home at 7-30 had my tea then went into the garden for a little while.  Rob and Tilly came up to make arrangements with Mother to go and keep house for them next week while they go for a holiday.  After they had gone I practised over some tunes out of Bristol Tune book.

Friday August 17th

Another beautiful summer’s day, it loked dull first thing but cleared up afterwards.  I got home by my early train and found Willie and Harold and Dorrie at home, mother went and fetched them after dinner and took them down by the river to try and catch some fish which they failed to do.  And then brought them home to tea, they were just going to have it when I got home.  After tea I took them home we went on top of the bus to Queen’s Street.  I stayed there a little while and then went to Flo’s for a little while got home about half past nine.

Saturday August 18th

Fine nearly all day, a heavy shower in the evening.  Mother came up to London by the 12-34 train brought Elsie with her.  I met them at Euston and we went to see Aunt Clara.  We got there soon after two.  We had an early tea then she took us into Kensington Park.  Elsie was delighted with the ducks and the boats on the water, she was as lively as a young cricket.  We got back to Bushey at 9.30.  I took Elsie home.  We went up in the bus as I thought she would be too tired to walk all the way.  Charlie walked back nearly all the way home with me.

Sunday August 19th

Another fine day.  It looked a bit cloudy now and then but the rain kept off.  Mother and I went to Rob’s to tea.  After Chapel we walked up with Flo, Elsie was with her.  They went with us up to Lil’s to take Dorrie a little parasol I bought for her and Elsie.  Afterwards we went home with Flo and Elsie.                               

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