A Welsh Holiday

Monday 18th June - Sunday June 24th 1900

Monday 18th June

Another lovely day. After breakfast took books and Mother some needlework and sat down on the beach all morning. After dinner went for a walk over the mountains to Fairy Glen at a place called Dwygyfylchi. We had tea at a little cottage just outside the glen.

Tuesday 19th June

A very nice day at Penmaenmawr but we managed to get a soaking where we went. We went by the 9.15 train to Llanberis, had to change at Carnarvon, got to Llanberis about half past to. Set out to climb up Snowdon and thought we would ride down by the railway. We had nearly all the day before us so thought by taking it easy we might manage to walk to the top. Just before we got to the halfway house the clouds came down and by the time we got to it the rain was pouring down and the wind blowing us nearly off our feet. We went about another half mile and then had to turn back. We were soaked through. We met a little girl at the bottom and she took us into a cottage where they lent us some dry things while ours dried.

Wednesday 20th June

Another fine day. Took book and Mother her needlework and sat about on the beach. Lily and I went paddling, the water felt quite warm. In the afternoon we walked over to Penmaenmawr mountain, did not get quite to the top. Has a most glorious view it was such a clear day.

Thursday 21st June

Had to stay indoors all day as it poured with rain nearly the whole day long. After tea Lily and I ran down to the beach into one of the shelters for a little while.

Friday 22nd June

A fine morning. Went to Betswy-Coed by the 11.31 train. Had a ride in one of the brakes outside the station to Swallow falls. Just as we got to the Falls a heavy shower came on and it rained all the way back. We went into the waiting room at the station and had something to eat. It has cleared up by that time and turned out lovely all the rest of the day. We then walked to the Fairy Glen amost lovely spot. Got back to Penmaenmawr about 8 o’clock.

Saturday 23rd June

Another lovely day. Was down on the beach all morning. Lily and I paddled. After dinner we went by the 2.30 train to Aber. Walked to the waterfall. It is a most lovely walk.

Sunday 24th June

A very unsettled sort of day, rained on and off all day. We went to the English Presbtaryn in the morning and the Welsh Baptist in the evening. It was so cold that we went indoors to change our clothes for thicker ones.

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