Exhausted by Work and Weather

Monday March 12th - Sunday March 18th 1900

Monday March 12th

It has not rained today but has been very dull and heavy.  Did not get home till 10.30 tonight as I was in the middle of finding the balance when it was time to catch the other train.  Had my supper and went to bed.

Tuesday March 13th

Another dull day, stayed on again tonight.  I have never had such a turn of staying on before.  I felt quite exhausted when I got home and was obliged to have a good cry.  I felt quite hysterical.  Mother has had the sweep today in the kitchen so had got a fire in the parlour.

Wednesday March 14th

Rained a little in the morning but cleared up nice and fine afterward.  I actually got home at six o’clock tonight. Had my dinner and then Mother and I went down to the week night service.  I stayed to choir practise although I could not sing much.

Thursday March 15th

Another dull day but no rain although it threatened.  I got home at six again tonight, it seemed quite a treat to get home by daylight.  I went down as far as Lil’s after I had had my dinner, stayed there a little while then came home and wrote a letter to Cousin Alice Mohr and wrote up this diary as it has got behind while I have been staying on for I have been too tired out to do anything after I have got home.  The ledger moved to Gloucester Road today.

Friday March 16th

A wet morning and cleared up nice a nice bright sun shining day.  Home at six, had my tea and then was busy getting the new quarters Bible Reading papers ready.  At 8 o’clock went down to the Pentecostal League, afterwards went down to Lil’s to get one or two things.  There were a few more than usual at the meeting tonight.  Mr Woodwind spoke a few words and the Miss Mitchell spoke on the call of Moses, taking 4 headings.  How, Why, When and Where.  It was very helpful.

Saturday March 17th

A nice bright day but very cold, there was a slight shower of snow in the afternoon.  I got home at 2.30, after I had my dinner I was gardening all the rest of the afternoon.

Lily and Willie and Harold came and helped, we made a bonfire and dug holes to get rid of the rubbish and after tea we did a bit more.

While we were out there who should come in unexpectedly but Flo and Elsie and baby.  They are going to stop a day or two as Charlie is out of work.  I took Elsie down to Lil’s for a few minutes.  After I had taken her home I went to the  prayer meeting, there were not many there but we had a good time.  The gardening has made me feel awfully tired.

Sunday 18th March

Another happy Sunday gone by.  Whe weather was beautiful and bright in the morning but very cold.  Came over dull in the afternoon and while we were having tea it came on the snow and was a rough wild night.  Mother and I went to tea at Fred’s and as Flo and Charley and the children were there was quite a party of us.  As it was such a rough night Mother did not go to Chapel but stayed there all the evening.  Flo came to Chapel tonight and stopped to the prayer meeting.  She played, it seemed quite natural to see her at the music.  Went back to Fred’s for supper.  The snow had cleared off a bit by the time we were ready to come home.

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