Annual Meeting of Bushey Band of Hope Union.

Monday 15th to Sunday 21st October 1900

By David Hall

Monday October 15th.

A nice fine day and not as cold as yesterday.  Amy went back today, she did not like saying goodbye.

I went to Highbury this evening to take an umbrella Uncle Alf had left at our place.  Did not get home until 10.30.

Tuesday October 16th.

A dull dark day.  Had to have the gas alight nearly all the afternoon.  I got home at 6 o’clock.  Went to C.E. meeting it was the monthly consecration meeting.  Afterwards I walked up with Mrs. Bailey, had supper with her.  We had a postcard from Amy saying she had got back safely to Bexhill.  Mother has been up at Flo’s all day.

Wednesday October 17th.

A very dull morning, raining fast when I went to the station this morning but cleared up a lovely bright hot day.  I got home at 8 o’clock had my tea, then Mother and I went to the Annual Meeting of Bushey Band of Hope Union held at the Wesleyn Chapel, Villiers Road and a fine meeting it was.  Mr. Charles Cox the City Missionary who used to be at Melbourne Road Mission Hall was the speaker and I could have sat and listened to him for another hour.  Miss Hartley and Miss Symons sang solo’s and Miss L. Ellis redited.

Thursday October 18th.

A fine morning but came on wet in the afternoon.  I stayed on for half an hour then Maggie Gosling and I walked down to Euston and had a look in the shops to see what we could give to Eva Fawcett for her birthday which is on Saturday.  We got a very pretty inkstand.  We caught the 6.50 train.  I just called indoors for a few moments then went down to the Chapel to help amuse the youngsters.  It is their quarterly tea and social evening of Band of Hope.  At nine o’clock I went to Choir practise.

Friday October 19th.

A very dull day but no rain.  I did not get home till 7.30 and then as I had got a bad headache I did not go out again but went to bed early.

Saturday October 20th.

Very dull and cold.  I got home at 2.30 had my dinner then blacked my sailor hat over again.  At 4 o’clock Mother and I went to Eva Fawcett’s to tea, there were several others there.  After tea we had some singing and laying it was past ten o’clock when we got home.

Sunday October 21st.

A nice bright day but very cold.  Rev. Wright Robinson of Hemel Hempstead preached today.  Charlie came to Chapel this evening, he has not been for a lond time.  After Chapel Mother and I had a walk as far as their place, we did not stop very long.


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