Methodist Church - Prestwick Road

The old and the new

By Susan Waller

Photographs show the Methodist Church in Prestwick Road just before demolition and the new church opened in January 2014.

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  • Allen O’Kelly the man was called Robert Dean, he and his wife both went to the church, they were my Godparents and were a lovely couple. He had been injured during the war and had to learn to use his left hand, he was a wonderful artist. They moved to Clovelly in Devon in the 70’s I think. I was in touch with the Minister Stan Weary, who baptized me in 1956 until he passed away last year. Good memories of this church and living in South Oxhey.

    By Pamela Hudson (Forsyth) (15/02/2024)
  • My dad Reg Wellbelove with some others built this church in the 1950s.

    By jason wellbelove (22/02/2018)
  • I went regularly to a youth club at the Methodist Church which was run by a nice man with one arm. This would have been about 1959/60.
    It was the usual; table tennis, snooker, record player etc. I can only remember my friend Terry Leigh going there and a girl called Ros. It was a happy time.

    By Alan O'Kelly (07/06/2017)