Light Air Craft Crash

1956 - 1959 Aprx

By Tony Hudson

I remember a light aircraft crashing into a bunker beside the old 17th fairway.  It flew over my house making a loud noise heading in the direction of the Carpenders Park Station.

Must have been in trouble and trying to land on the golf course.


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  • I remember seeing the wreck after I must have been off the estate that day as I only heard about it once down but all the kids were over after the first few days, climbing all over, and as someone else boys were stripping it for souvenirs

    By Kathy Slade (10/02/2021)
  • I remember this plane crash, but when I went over to see it, there was a Bobby standing guard

    By Stephen Crossley (04/08/2020)
  • The aircraft was a twin engined Miles Gemini and was a star attraction amongst us kids who I’m afraid to say stripped bits from it. I think it came down in the mid fifties so 1956 would be about right.

    By Paul Wood (21/09/2012)