News from Kimberley

Monday 12th-Sunday 18th February 1900

Edith's family
Virginia Barber

Monday February 12th

Weather dull  and cold and threatening to snow. Dr came this afternoon and says Mother can go downstairs. George Fofeitt came to see us this morning and Lil came for about an hour this evening. I wrote a letter to Hilda at Scarborough and have been doing a bit of reading. Mother has been doing a bit of needlework and reading.

Tuesday February 13th

A thick mist this morning but cleared up during the morning. The wind got up rather rough this afternoon and about half past five began to snow and seems as though it is going to continue. Mother came downstairs to dinner and then went up again till teatime and then she stayed down the rest of the evening. I went out a little way after dinner, round to Mrs Green’s in Pinner Road to pay the rent, and then down to Mary’s for a little while. I was not gone an hour together.

Wednesday February 14th

Still snowing this morning, the snow is very deep, it cleared up a bit in the middle of the day, but not enough for me to go out as I had hoped to do. Mary brought her work round this afternoon and stayed and had a cup of tea with us. Tilly called in for a while after tea and then Bert came for a little while, then at half past eight Eva Fawcett called so we had quite a lot of visitors today.

Thursday February 15th

Today the weather has been very miserable. The wind blowing very hard and snow, rain and sleet coming down. The roads are in a dreadful state. Mary came this morning as usual and Fred came for about half an hour this evening. Today is his birthday. He told us the news about the War was a little brighter.

Friday February 16th

A nice bright day, there was a sharp shower in the middle of of the day, but the sun has been shining most of the day. I went out in the afternoon. I called in at Tilly’s and then went down to Lil’s, brought the two boys back with me they stayed and had tea with us. Miss Mitchell and Mrs Smart called this afternoon and Mary came and brought Daisy in with her. Mary stayed and had a cup of tea, but Daisy said she must get back to her family, her Mother died and left her in charge of 6 little brothers and sisters, a hard life for her. Mother does not get rid of her sickness.

Saturday February 17th

A very dull dismal day raining on and off. The water had risen and caused quite a flood at the bottom of the High Street. I have not been out at all today. Mrs Bailey called to see us this afternoon and brought us some grapes. Mother seems better today. Fred came in this evening and brought us the daily paper to read about the War.

General French has reached Kimberley, and so after four months the siege is ended. They were getting very short of food. How thankful we all are for the sake of Neill and Greg. I do hope they will be kept safe.

Sunday February 18th

A nice fine morning and afternoon. Showery in the evening. I went to Chapel this morning and school in the afternoon, but did not go out at night. Lily came and stayed with us this evening and we had a nice quiet time together. I was so thankful to get to Chapel and school once more.





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