All Saints Church

Knocking down old church

By Rose McNamara-Wright

We watched as the old All Saint’s Church was knocked down. A cold shiver went through my head when the Bulldozer smashed through the Cross. I suppose there is no nice way to pull down a building

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  • I was.married in 1970 in the old all saints church. I have photos on the steps but would love a photo of the church. Has anyone got a photo they are willing to share please

    By Kathy Warner (19/08/2018)
  • I was married in all Saints in April ’78 as was my sister before me in ’64
    Although when I married there it had been modernised – not for the better the congregation was in the round.
    I remember thinking I would have preferred to be married in the beautiful old chapel, but it would have been too small.

    By Georgina Baker nee Yabsley (27/07/2017)
  • I was married in All Saint Church in 1954 before the church grounds had been consecrated. My wedding had to be done in two parts, with the official ceremony taking place in Oxhey Chapel then we all traipsed over to the new church for the rest of the service. I didn’t know All Saints had been taken down because I lived in the USA for many years. I have now moved back to the UK. Hooray!

    By Iris Jones Simantel (03/01/2011)
  • I was married in All Saints Church in 1955. Two weeks before my 18 year old brother, Peter, had his funeral there. Happy along with sad memories.

    By Shirley Oliver Ongley (08/10/2010)