Clarendon School - Whole School Photograph - 1957

Susan Waller ( nee Davidson)

Can you find yourself in this photograph ?  Where are you now ?

62 years is a long time and we would love to hear your memories of what you have been doing  since leaving Clarendon School.  Whether you still live locally or anywhere in the world, please send us a few words and / or photographs, we would really love to hear from as many of you as possible,

Clarendon School - 1957 - Part 1
Clarendon School - 1957 - Part 2
Clarendon School - 1957 - Part 3
Clarendon School - 1957 - Part 4
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  • To Paul Osaer. I remember Helen King. She was the same age as me. She would be about 72 now. The King family lived next door to us in Muirfield Road. She was a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, Helen died when she was about 20. Her parents were devastated and never recovered from their tragic loss. Before that, Mr King was great fun. They gave me a leather purse after one of their holidays in Greece.

    By Nigel Lee (11/08/2023)
  • My dad was a teacher at this school my sister and me went to the infant school opposite. – Alan Shaw

    By Lesley (21/05/2022)
  • Hi Jackie
    I was quite surprised to see your name too! It was good to hear from you again after all these years. I remember meeting you and Sheila at Carpenders Park Station in your purple school uniforms. That was pre 1960. Where have all those years gone?

    We have only visited West Bay once since we moved to Dorset. I think we have seen more of it on the television than in real life. It must be thirty miles or so from where we live.

    We have not been back to South Oxhey for two years. You may be aware that the big shopping centre near the station has been demolished and is being replaced with new shops and residencies. It all looks rather grand.

    If you would like to contact us we should be very pleased to hear from you. I am very happy for the Our Oxhey organisation to give you our contact details if you wish to contact them.

    Hopefully we shall be in touch again soon.

    Ian Shave

    By Ian Shave (01/04/2021)
  • Hi Ian, What a surprise to see your name. I was, of course, very friendly with Sheila and we both went to Watford Tech. I lived in Woodhall Lane and used to walk to Sheila’s house in the mornings and we then went to school together. The last time I saw Sheila I think was in M & S in Hemel Hempstead. I believe you are now in Dorset which makes me very jealous. We always have an annual holiday in /West Bay long before Broadchurch. Hope you are both enjoying life.


    By Jackie Tansey (Bointon) (21/03/2021)
  • Greetings to Glennis Ash after more than 60 years! I often take a nostalgic browse through the Our Oxhey website but rarely see a familiar name. In the Clarendon School section I have just found a 1957 full school photo and searched through it to see if I could identify any of you four girls who used to go around together at the time. I spotted Ann Hill, but could not pick out Helen Askam, Jacky Young or yourself. Then I saw your comment on 22 June 2019. I could scarcely believe my eyes – at last a name from those halcyon days!

    I hope you remember me, Ian Shave. I was friendly with Peter Treble. We used to wait outside your school gates for you all to come out, having bunked off school ourselves in order to do so.

    Are you still in touch with Ann, Helen or Jacky? Especially Ann. We all went to All Saints Church and were members of All Saints Young People’s Fellowship under the leadership of Bob Frewin. I married Sheila Morris, another youth club member. You may remember her: she lived in Ashburnham Drive, not far from your home at the time in Embleton Road.

    I seem to remember Ann’s brother, Tom, played in the brass band at Clarendon School under the esteemed teacher, Roger Elliot. I worked with Roger’s wife, Joan, at Trewins store in Watford during the 1960s and Roger was a frequent visitor.

    I hope you will feel able to respond to this message. It would be lovely to hear from you after all these years. I am not sure if it is possible to make contact via the Our Oxhey Organisation. In the meantime I will keep an eye on this page in case there is a message from you.

    By Ian Shave (21/02/2021)
  • Hello
    I wondered if someone could help me with a person search. My mum was called Helen King and I think she attended the school between 1962 and 1967 ish. She was half Greek with dark hair. She died when I was a baby so I would love to find out more about her youth. I hope someone can help me

    Many thanks

    Paul Osaer

    By Paul Osaer (09/12/2020)
  • Hello
    I had many friends at Clarendon school through being involved in lots of sport. I went to Leggatts Way School and through being in the netball team and our great rivalry I found friends. One being Christine Dodds who lived in the road opposite the back gates.
    Christine came to my 21st birthday party and later we lost touch. I am trying to find her.
    She would have been at your school from 1957 or 8 until 62 or 63.
    Please do you remember her or are you in contact with anyone who would know her whereabouts now.
    In hope and best wishes
    Pamela Oakley

    By Pamela Oakley (11/05/2020)
  • Was at Clarendon 1958 remember Jim Vicars, Jim Chandler. Teachers Paul Sellers and Bill Bayley. Have lived in South Africa for 45 years

    By George Letch (03/05/2020)
  • I have fond memories of my time at Clarendon and can put a name to many of the pupils in the photograph. It’s so nice to look back on its history. I no longer live in that area but my husband and I have since visited the site . How sad that all is gone now. We all thought at the time, how lucky to be attending such a lovely modern school, with all mod cons.

    By Glennis Ash (22/06/2019)