Ken Ralph - Rural Science Teacher

Susan Waller (Nee Davidson)

Mr KC Ralph

Congratulations on 95th Birthday

Many congratulations to Mr Ralph on his 95th Birthday October 2020.

In the 1950’s Mr Ralph taught Rural Science at Clarendon School and inspired many with the  love of gardening and were given an insight into Farming through the “Young Farmers Club”.  The love of which has stayed with many of them throughout  their lives and is greatly appreciated.

Sadly we have recently been informed that Mr Ralph died in July this year (2023).


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  • I’m delighted to see that Mr Ralph (my former Housemaster at King Edmund school in Essex) was still with us in 2020. I have not seen him since I left in 1977, when he gave me a Christmas Cactus he’d grown from a cutting. Sadly I no longer have the original plant. But was inspired to breed my own plants, which I still do.

    Thank you Mr Ralph.

    By Teresa Martin (nee Brett) (01/11/2022)
  • Mike Ladell remembers Mr. Ralph well and used to be in touch. He would like to be in touch again. Is he on email?

    By Mike Ladell (27/11/2021)
  • Hello Mike

    No e.mail address as far as I know but if you contact
    Len Kerswill he may be able to help you with contact.

    By Susan Waller (30/11/2021)
  • Mr Ralph was my first form teacher at Clarendon in 1956, I joined the Young Farmers Club, I remember digging in front of Clarendon Block. Mt Ralph made all our rural science lessons so interesting. I cant beleive that Mr Ralph îs 95 years old, a very happy belated birthday

    By Glennis Ash (18/06/2021)