Little Furze demolition images

Neil Hamilton

From a visit to the old school site in October 2022

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  • Very much enjoyed reading several of the article’s
    Sad to see the school is now rubble, that’s progress I suppose, things move on.
    My father Mr A S Burton was the assistant caretaker around the time it opened and later became the Caretaker, we lived in Hamilton road which was not far from school, the house we lived in has now been replaced with a newer development
    We moved from there in 1955 to Hemel, my father became caretaker in a new secondary school, I also have a very nice letter from the headmaster Mr Curling giving a glowing recommendation of my Fathers work.
    Finally, there used to be an air raid siren on a wooden post on the corner just next to the school, expect that’s long gone.
    Best wishes to you all

    By Brian Burton (28/01/2023)